10 Habits Of A Successful Woman

Hey Ladies!

I’m going to share with you a few of my daily habits that helped me become the #BOSSBABE I am today!


10 Habits Of A Successful Woman:


  1. She makes time for herself
    1. Easier said than done, am I right?! Well kick that mindset and start treating yourself with the respect you deserve. Yes, we all have busy schedules and tend to put everything else before self-care time, but you need to STOP that right now. Setting aside a little me time each day is super valuable to becoming the super Boss Babe you are destined to be! Try a little meditation sesh to kick off the day or when you get home, uwind with a good book and some wine. Literally 30 minutes
  2. She Challenges Herself
    1. YASSSSSSS, so important! When we set easy goals for ourselves we will never know our full potential. Sometimes not reaching our goals is just what we need. How? Dealing with failure is important in life. No one is perfect, we all will fail at one thing or another in our life. How we overcome our failure and learn from those mistakes are what build us into bad ass, experienced, leaders we are today!
  3. She Educates Herself
    1. This is vital for success. Of course, not one of us knows everything, but continually pushing yourself to grow and learn opens up more opportunities for us.
  4. She Is Financially Savy
    1. Understanding the importance of saving and the value of money, shows others you are responsible.
  5. She Knows That Healthy Doesn’t Mean Always Going To The Gym
    1. I will tell you first hand, I DO NOT like gyms. I am an extremely active person, but when it comes to exercise I prefer to do all mine outdoors. Living a healthy lifestyle is more than just physical fitness, you need to make healthy decisions about your eating habits, sleep patterns, and overall body. How much alcohol do you drink a week? Do you smoke cigarettes or vape? Even if you order the salad from the drive-thru, it won’t make it a healthier meal.
  6. She smiles
    1. Smiling can be the best therapy! One of my dear friends and registered dieticians, @Kimshapiramsrd ( her links will be at the bottom of the page), spent the entire month of August focusing on gratitude and how it effects your overall health. She is offering a free program to bring back your health this year – weekly challenges, monthly focus shifts, and even giveaways so make sure to follow her!
    2. From Kim Shapira MS, RD week 32 challenge, “ Have you heard of smile therapy? Did you know smiling can change your mood, be contagious, relieve stress, boost your immune system, lower blood pressure, release endorphins and make us more attractive to others! Studies show if you’re feeling down, smiling actually prompts your brain to produce feel-good hormones, giving credence to the adage, “fake it til you make it” when it comes to your state of mind.
    3. One study in the U.K. found that a smile had the equivalent of 2,000 chocolate bars. WOW! All the perks and none of the calories… sign me up!
  7. She sets goals for herself and has methods of keeping track of them
    1. It’s important to set goals, but even more important to follow through with them!
  8. She celebrates wins, both big and small
    1. It’s important to congratulate yourself on EVERY battle won! Some challenges will be easier than others, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve the same feeling of completion. You did it girl, now go treat yo-self!
  9. She Helps Others Through Selfless Acts Of Kindness
    1. You have heard it since you were a kid, “ Don’t Judge a Book By It’s Cover.” We are all battling different devils and you’ll never fully know what someone else is going through. Help them succeed and do your very best to be kind. If someone is being a little grumpy, don’t stick them with the entire project… maybe by you stepping up and providing some assistance, this could alleviate a little stress off their shoulders, thus making them a little nicer towards you. Lend a hand to a friend in need.
  10. She Can Step Away From Her Job And Have A Life Outside Of The Workplace.
    1. This may not seem like a big one, but oooooh let me tell you!! Many successful women that I work with on the daily, have a hard time leading a personal life that in some way does not involve their job. When you leave the office, clock out for the day, physically and mentally! Bringing home your work only adds unnecessary stress to your life. It’s okay to vent to your girlfriends, but don’t answer emails while Sunday Brunchin’. GIRL TAKE A BREAK, you deserve it!


Do you practice any of these on a daily basis? Maybe a couple of them stood out to you and made you think, “Damn, I need to work on that.” Whichever it is, write it down, say it to yourself every morning, and watch the personal growth happen!

If you have any healthy habits you’d like to share, write them in the comment section. Who knows, it could help out a fellow follower!




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