Did Someone Say Spring Cleaning?

Focus: The Flavor

As you should already know, my fur babies are pretty darn spoiled. They run full speed on an open golf course every day, travel to new states with me monthly, come to work with me at least once a week, and eat the absolute best food on the market. Since you probably don’t want to hear about a day at work, I am going to tell you more about what I feed them – Pet Plate. I’m partnering up with Pet Plate on a monthly series, because I can’t stress enough how important it is to give your dogs the food that they deserve! It is so important to their lives, I can’t believe we weren’t feeding them this the whole time!

For those of you who haven’t read one of my previous posts on Pet Plate, Pet Plate is a dog food subscription service. But it isn’t just any dog food, it is vet-designed, chef-cooked, human grade, and made with USDA certified meat and fresh fruits and veggies. Plus, it’s delicious!

What do you live for?

A few years ago I had a “theorist moment” and asked myself, “What do we live for, as humans?” I came up with love/happiness, food, and travel. Those are the 3 biggest things personally, in my life. Then I asked myself, “What do my dogs, live for?” The answer to that question is obviously a mystery, but I know my pups pretty darn well, and I think they will allow me to speak for them when I say, “Food, food, endless love for mom [and dad, I guess], tennis balls, and more food please!”

Now, with that in mind, how can any of us possibly deprive them of their love for food by giving them dry food? DRY FOOD?!? Ugh. Ew. Have you tasted that crap? I have. It doesn’t taste good, by any means. It actually doesn’t really even taste like food. Plus, it has almost ZERO nutritional value! Why it was ever even created in the first place is beyond me. Probably just because some crazy person wanted to make a buck and realized that it would be cheaper if we just fed them compacted rock-shaped pieces of quick-dried leftover nasties that nobody else will eat. When I found out about Pet Plate about a year ago, I left dry-food on the shelves, where it deserves to be.

Oooooooh my, the pups’ tails start wagging when I open up a Pet Plate container.

They come running into the kitchen at full speed. My youngest fur baby Lacey (the one with two different colored eyes) stands there with her feet bouncing up and down like she is ready for a race. You can hear her nails clicking on the floor like clockwork! They act this way, every single meal – they never get tired of it. Maybe it’s because we get 4 different flavors in every delivery, or maybe it is just because the food is so tasty, they WANT to eat it every day.

In fact, as I write this post at 8:00 am, they are looking at me, and their eyes are symbolically asking, “What the heck is going on in this place? There better be a good reason you haven’t given us our Chompin’ Chicken yet MOM…” See, I told you they’re spoiled! They LOVE the Chompin’ Chicken. And the Barkin’ Beef, and the Tail Waggin’ Turkey…Eh, you get the point.

Give your pups the best!

Stop feeding your pups bagged dry food filled with so many preservatives and chemicals, and start letting your dogs LIVE for what they want to live for! Their lives are already shorter than ours, so I try to keep my pups as healthy as possible. Give them a food that has loads of nutrients! A food that they look forward to eating. A food that might even help them live a little longer because of its nutritional and dietary benefits. [Hint: I am going to explain a lot about the nutritional benefits in the next Pet Plate post, so stay tuned.] I choose Pet Plate because THEY choose Pet Plate. Trust me, let them try it out and they will be hooked. And you will be hooked on how happy it makes them! Plus, I have a 50% off coupon here for you to use, so you have absolutely NO excuses. Get to ordering. And thanks for reading! 😊


Kara Duenas


3 thoughts on “Did Someone Say Spring Cleaning?

  1. I’m such a fan of this product! I was convinced after reading your second article on them and I’m boy am I glad that I took the chance and ordered it!! My dog has been so much more energetic, his weight has begun to drop (which has thrilled my vet), and I feel better knowing what I’m feeding him. I’m going to continue to spread the word on Pet Plate!

  2. Can you feed it to cats? I don’t have a dog, but I have several cats and was wondering if it would provide them the nutrients they need.

  3. I ordered this for my girlfriend’s dog and she loved it. Not to mention, my girlfriend was super pleased too. For anyone nervous about trying it out, don’t be! We have only seen positive changes in her dog’s poop and overall health.

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