Are you social media obsessed these days? Can you go an entire day without loggin into your Facebook or your Instagram account? For many, this is harder than it sounds, but boy is it necessary! I love social media, shoot a portion of my job is based off of social media, but every once in a while I have to log off and connect with the world around me. Trust me, it isn’t that scary… you should try it sometime!

Do You Ever Go On Social Media Cleanses?

Even If It Is For 1 Day?

Lately, I have been logging off 1-2 days per week! It feels fantastic to disconnect, reflect, and get shit done. It is so therapeutic – you might think you’ll suffer from anxiety about not checking your phone or missing out on something, but it is actually quite the opposite; It is freeing!

I recently came to the realization that I wasn’t having the best relationship with social media lately. My job is to creat authentic, valuable content for you guys… which I love to do m ore than anything, but it was feeling like more of a chore to produce content, than something I loved.

Feeling constantly overwhelemed – I needed to reset and to get in touch with why I love to do what I do again. So I commited tot aking 1-2 days off, to not stress about it, recharge, hit the drawing board, and to get inspired.

Giving your mind, body, and soul ample rest is such a vital piece to your personal peace. Anywho, end of my rant. haha If you find yourself overwhelmed by anything in your life, I encourage you to TRULY, unplug. Noooo, not just deleting an app off your phone for the next 12 hours, I mean really unplug, and hit the reset button.

P.S. You’ll get over the FOMO, I promise.