Bear Country U.S.A

South Dakota: Bear Country U.S.A.

The Wonderful Wildlife of Bear Country

When visiting South Dakota, we at Beachin’ Traveler have a few places that we like to recommend. If you are an animal lover, or would even just enjoy seeing a few wild animals, then this article will be right up your alley. Right outside Black Hills and Sturgis, is a place called Bear Country. It holds this title for good reason, there are BEARS! Black AND Grizzly! Along with the Bears are a mound of other wild animals, including Reindeer, Elk, Arctic Wolves, Bighorn Sheep, Mountain Lions, Buffalo, Rocky Mt. Goats, and many other gorgeous animals.

Hands down, the coolest part about going through Bear Country is that it is a road that loops around each area. If you have your own car, then you get to drive around it yourself. If you rode a motorcycle, then you get on their bus and get chauffeured. “Why is that cool?” you ask. Well, because there isn’t any fencing, walls, or glass to block you from the animals. They simply roam freely within their area, and you can take super close up pictures of them right from the window of your car. Bear Country highly insists that you keep your windows rolled up, in the case that one of the animals get a little riled up. We highly suggest that you do too, especially around the Bears. At least 10 Bears were within petting distance, and by petting, I mean them petting you, with their nails. Lol. Soooo keep those windows rolled up!


They do charge a small fee of $15 per person to visit Bear Country, but for good reason. The money goes to expanding the animal’s areas, and currently building a waterpark for the Bears. So, don’t think of it like you Zoo, where you don’t want to support the visiting of animals. Because in this case, the more you and everyone else visits, the better the animal’s lives will be. After you drive through, which takes about 45 minutes, we suggest you park and walk around the park to see even more animals. The Buffalo was one of our favorites, it was HUGE! Lastly, if you enjoyed everything and would like a souvenir, right before the exit is a Gift Shop to grab a couple goodies and keep lasting memories along with the INCREDIBLE photos and videos you will take during the drive.

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