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Within the current craze over subscription packages, there are quite a few out there that really make it worth your money. Today, I’d like to talk about one that, to me, has stood out among the others. Yes, there are a ton of great options, but for those of you who like brunching, mimosas, and coming home after a long day’s work to a package that will physically make you all giddy, this just may be the best option for you too!

Who Are They?!

We Drink Bubbles! They are a boutique sparkling wine club that is [literally] the best of its kind. For those of you who don’t know what subscription boxes are, in basics, you sign up and pay monthly for products that ship to you automatically every month (or more often if you’d like). In We Drink Bubble’s case, they ship you 3 bottles of sparkling wine every month. They started out in Encinitas, California, but the love and knowledge that has gone into the company derived from Montone, Italy. The founder of We Drink Bubbles found that the sparkling wines and champagnes in Europe were not only less expensive, but also the copiousness of quality alike. This, among other things, is what We Drink Bubbles is all about! Sourcing the best sparkling wines and champagnes from around the world for each and every one of us to try for ourselves!

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What Makes Them Stand Out?

One of the best things about We Drink Bubbles is the types of wines they ship out every month – rare and handcrafted bubbles, always. On top of that, the bottles they send come from exclusive growers that create artisanal sparkling wines. Meaning, they won’t be anything like what you buy at the grocery store! We’re talking about a whole new world of champagnes people! Plus, they don’t just throw some random options together for each subscriber, the bottles are hand selected based on your customizable preferences! This helps ensure you are getting something you will enjoy and look forward to.

Another awesome feature they have is their Custom Champagne Gifts campaign. Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for someone, or want to look fancy with your own custom branding, We Drink Bubbles has your back! You can now create your own labels and champagne boxes with your company logo, message, and/or information! Making the perfect gift! Seriously! I’m already planning on having two made for Christmas, which is right around the corner. One for my Mom who absolutely loves champagne, in addition to buying her first month’s subscription (Mom, pretend you didn’t read that), and also for my best friend, my partner, my Fiancé, who is a very proud business owner and would be overcome with joy when he sees our business logo on a bottle! I’m so excited! Why do we have to wait to give gifts? Is anyone else like that? Were you just can’t wait because you’re so excited and have someone open their gift a little early? Maybe I’m weird, but I do love giving and this just became one of my new favorite gifts.

How to Get Started

Signing up is super easy! Just head on over to their website: www.WeDrinkBubbles.com and click, “JOIN TODAY.” Fill out the required info, and get ready to be amazed, and probably just become a happier person in general. Lol. If you want to try one of their bottles before you subscribe, you can purchase on their website as well! Also, all of November & December they are offering FREE shipping for orders $50 or more. If you don’t end up spending $50 on this particular purchase don’t worry, you can use code: KARADUENAS for FREE SHIPPING.

A Little Something Extra….

We’ve Partnered to GIVEAWAY a Bottle!

You read that right! I am giving away a bottle from We Drink Bubbles! Want in? Easy!

We Drink Bubbles and I have partnered up to offer one of you lucky people a FREE bottle of bubbly. YESSS… you so read that right!

It will be delivered right to your door! So schedule that girls night,


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