Pet Plate

For those of you who haven’t ​seen my​ social media posts yet, we have a new addition to the family. Drum roll please … A new ​puppy​! I know, I know, our house was basically a zoo to begin with, how … Continue reading Pet Plate


Foodie Friday || Steakhouses in Palm Desert, CA

Best Steaks in Palm Desert For all you carnivores that love a good steak, here is a quick list of the best steaks in the Desert. When you come to visit and are treating yourself to a wonderful round of golf, go ahead and top it off with a perfectly seasoned and made steak for dinner. But also, for those of you who just aren’t feeling red meat, these restaurants also have other amazing food to choose from, so don’t be worried, it’s not purely meat. Anyhow, let me get right to it! Mastro’s Steakhouse Many of you may have … Continue reading Foodie Friday || Steakhouses in Palm Desert, CA