Bear Country U.S.A

South Dakota: Bear Country U.S.A. The Wonderful Wildlife of Bear Country When visiting South Dakota, we at Beachin’ Traveler have a few places that we like to recommend. If you are an animal lover, or would even just enjoy seeing a few wild animals, then this article will be right up your alley. Right outside […]

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Prairie Berry Winery

While on our road trip to Sturgis, SD, we tried venturing out as much as possible and really inviting the environment into our lives. There is a city next to Sturgis called Hill City, which has a couple cool places to visit and see. One of those places is the Prairie Berry Winery.

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Crazy Horse

South Dakota: Crazy Horse Crazy Horse Memorial If you have ever seen or been to Mount Rushmore, then you know how beautiful such a large carving can actually be. Well did you know that they are actually working on another piece, very similar to Mount Rushmore?! Well they are! Except this time, it is dedicated […]

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