100% Human Grade Food For Your Fur Baby

Pet Plate: Meals Delivered Right To Your Door This post has a special place in my heart, and most likely will have one for you as well! Do you have pets? Or, as I like to call them, Fur Babies… 😊 Pet Plate is a dog food delivery service that I (and my babies) are […]

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Holiday Gift Giving Guide

Holiday Season is upon us and to some many this can be a bit overwhelming… numerous dinner parties, family events, gift giving, and more.Β Let me help you alleviate some of the Holiday Gift Giving stress with some of my faves! We Drink Bubbles I am in love with this company, especially around this time of […]

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Bubbly **GIVEAWAY**

We Drink Bubbles Within the current craze over subscription packages, there are quite a few out there that really make it worth your money. Today, I’d like to talk about one that, to me, has stood out among the others. Yes, there are a ton of great options, but for those of you who like […]

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