Chichen Itza

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 Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza is located 2 hours West of Cancun. It is the largest and most accessible Myan site; full of extensive history and cultural significance.

We decided that for this particular place we would join a tour group. Every so often we choose to go with a guided tour because it’s a nice change. Someone who is educated on the location offers us a educational trip versus us having to study up on everywhere we plan on going during a lengthy trip …well it can be overwhelming! Guided tours always offer us some insight from a local’s perspective too. So read below to find out some awesome details on the newest 7 Wonders Of The World, Chichen Itza! Don’t worry I won’t give it all away!!


Maybe going the first week of June wasn’t the smartest decision we have ever made… high temps and even higher humidity tended to rush us through the ruins.  It might have put a little pep in our step, but we definitely didn’t miss out on anything! There are shady spots throughout the park, but if you are planning to go in the warmer months, make sure to wear sunscreen, stay hydrated, and bring a hat or an umbrella.

We walked amongst some of the greatest architectural structures; myan stadiums where games and fights were held, temples to worship their gods, and pyramids which are still very much a mystery to us. What a sight to see!!

As I said before it was EXTREMELY hot there that day, but as we walked through what remained of the stadium, our tour guide had us all lean up against a wall. To much of our surprise, it was cold! Yeaaaah you heard me correctly, cool as if it were a chilly Fall day.   There isn’t much of an explanation as to why this was, but as you can see in the pictures above we were all a bit bewildered.


As you can see Chichen Itza is a beautiful and historical site.

The Chichen-Itza stadium was where a game similar to soccer was played in the largest field known as of now. The stadium is lined with engravings that display the rules of their very sacred game. One chant in the center of the stadium will echo up to where the Myans would view the game. To explain the importance of this game to you, there is a carving that shows the leader of the losing game being beheaded. Eeeek! This was no friendly game of soccer.


Fun facts:

Chichen Itza is known as one of the 7 Wonders Of The World and is UNESCO World Heritage Site. Multiple locations in Chichen Itza are known for their unusual sounds. If you clap once from one end of the Stadium or ball court, it will create nine echoes in the middle of the court. Whoa, someone was clearly planning ahead.


Fallen temples, hidden symbols, massive pyramids, and a culture very few understand. Visiting the Myan ruins is a must see for any history or cultural enthusiast!! I could return to this place everytime I am in Yucuatan.


Beachin’ Traveler


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