Colorado: CoorsMiller Factory

CoorsMiller Brewery Tour – FREE Beer!

Are you a beer lover? Or would you like to visit a brewery where you can taste a few different brews, AND get a tour of the brewery itself? If so, then this post is for you. Even if you don’t really like beer, we highly recommend visiting this brewery for a few reasons: It’s FREE, it has HISTORY, and it’s just plain FUN.

Set in the beautiful Golden, Colorado is the original Coors Brewing Factory. It is absolutely massive in stature, and produces beer in the same fashion that you would expect. In this post, I’m not going to give away too much about the history or how the factory operates today; when you go in for the tour, they are going to give you all that fun info, and I am a fun GIVER, I do not taketh away! So, back on track, the Coors Factory offers a tour that is 100% free of charge. Within that tour, you get to try a small cup of either Coors Banquet or Coors Light. This is the FRESHEST Coors you will ever try…DUH. But really, it is delicious. After the tour, which takes about 30-45 minutes, you get 3 FREE pints of whatever you choose from their bar. Since they make lots of different beers (even other ones you have heard of, like Blue Moon), there will be around 6 or 7 options. Of course, two of those options will be Coors Banquet and Coors Light. Don’t worry about choosing wisely, they are all tasty and fresh.

Some of the highlights from the Tour are smelling the fresh brew of the WORLDS LARGEST single site brewery. Now that’s pretty beachin’ if you ask me! Tasting that fresh, heavenly beer is one of the best things about it, for those of you that would enjoy something new (we like beer here at Beachin’ Traveler, if you haven’t noticed yet. We actually brew our own at home! Maybe a post on that in the future!) The history that you get while on the tour is just fascinating. From when and how it started, the building and changes of the company over the years, and then the final result, where you will be walking through. If you are near Denver, be sure to make some time for this tour. Even if you use it as a little pre-game for a fun night out, head over to Golden (before 4 p.m.), take the tour, drink your 3 beers, and head on to the next spot. We really, really do recommend it. We will be going back to do it again whenever we swing through Colorado again, which fingers crossed is soon!

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Thanks for reading, comment any questions or extra info if you’ve been to the factory before in the box below!


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