Continental Divide

Colorado: Continental Divide

The Loveland Pass Continental Divide

Over the last few weeks, we had the great joys of travelling through Colorado. Although there are tons of amazing places to visit in the Colorful state, one of our favorite little routes was through Loveland Pass. Not only was the scenery just jaw-dropping gorgeous, but towards the top of the pass is the Continental Divide. Now, there are a few Continental Divides in America, but this the big one, also known as the Great Divide.



For those of you that don’t know, a Continental Divide is a place where drainage is split into two different oceans. So, if you are standing at the Continental Divide up at Loveland Pass, and it begins to rain, the water that falls on one side will drain to the Pacific Ocean, and the rain that falls on the other will drain to the Atlantic Ocean. It’s actually quite a beautiful, beautiful site.

One other benefit to visiting this site

It wraps around the Eisenhower Tunnel on I-70, which seems to go on FOREVER.  The tunnel is actually pretty cool, but with the traffic build up, you don’t want to be stuck in a tunnel!! You know… especially when you can just as easily go around it and see some extra gorgeous scenery! Oh and not to mention, visit the Great Divide!



Off the Loveland Pass viewing point, there is a trail that you can hike up and get an even better view. Once you get there, if you have the time and energy to hike it, we highly recommend it (as always). The view gets prettier the higher you go, and you will get your exercise in for the day. Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to comment with any questions and thoughts you may have in the Comments section below! Thanks again!



Kara Duenas


3 thoughts on “Continental Divide

  1. What a lovely post and gorgeous photography. Is a continental divide the same as where tectonic plates meet? This definitely makes my ever growing bucket list. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed the post. 💗 Please subscribe or heck back in for more articles!! The movement of Tectonic plates are what aid in the Continental Divide creation. xoxo

  2. I drove right pass that place last summer and didn’t even know it was there. This summer I’ll make sure and stop, sounds neat!

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