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Crazy Horse Memorial

If you have ever seen or been to Mount Rushmore, then you know how beautiful such a large carving can actually be. Well did you know that they are actually working on another piece, very similar to Mount Rushmore?! Well they are! Except this time, it is dedicated to a North American Indian that many around the world have learned and studying of – Crazy Horse. Crazy Horse was part of the Teton Sioux tribe and was born in the mid 1800’s. Most of his fame comes from being a great warrior, but his most notable battle is the Battle of the Little Big Horn. It was during this combat where he is said to have killed General Custer.

In the American Indian’s, the Teton Sioux tribe’s, and Crazy Horse’s memory, they have and are building a memorial statue of Crazy Horse’s face, just like the Presidents on Mount Rushmore. As of yet, they are not finished, but the face is very visible from the ground viewing point. Once you go into the gate, you can drive up ¼ mile and park. This is where you can take photos and mental images from. It is a side/profile view of Crazy Horse, with great detailing and precision. It is quite the sight to see, if you ever plan a trip to South Dakota. There is a lot of open space where the Crazy Horse sculpture is facing. This makes you wonder if they are going to build a road with even more parking in the future to get a straight on headshot view of the statue. Fingers crossed!

On that note

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