Cruisin’ // Follow These Tips on your Next Cruise

Recently I have become a huge fan of cruises. My new found love for “cruising” has taken me on 2 trips a year for the past several years. Ya you can say it…I’m a little obsessed! You will be too after your first cruise. It seems that after each cruise I gain more knowledge of what not to do/bring next time. Ooooh yeah, did I forget to mention that I’m an over-packer… like a way over-packer. haha

One of the great things about cruises is that you have a simple itinerary of what each day will consist of while on board. It will explain which dinners require you to dress nice and which ones don’t (of course you can always opt out of the fancy dinners). What days you will be in port and free to roam around, and lastly what activities/events will be happening on board + at what time. In case you haven’t already figured It out – I’m a super planner.

Having all this knowledge ahead of time allows you to plan out your attire accordingly. For people like me, this means there is no excuse to over-pack! If needed, the ship will have a laundry facility and an ironing station. Don’t let that scare you – pack what you wish because cruise lines do not have limitations on what you bring. If you are going on a 3 day cruise, but would like to pack for a few weeks, do as you please… ain’t no one going to stop you!

Food is available ALL THE DAMN TIME.

Don’t freak out, are you craving pizza at midnight… just walk yourself down to the food court and start grubbing! Though there are limited options late at night, your tummy will still be thankful. During normal dining hours you can order as much as you would like. So if you are having a tough time deciding between the salmon or the chicken, just get them both.

One of my favorite things about cruise ships is that there is ALWAYS something going on. You have your choice of trivia, live music, games, entertainment, and even a casino. This is where Cody and I usually part ways; I wander towards the trivia and him towards the casino. There are adult pools and quiet areas if you wish to catch up on reading or enjoy some alone time.

They do a wonderful job of keeping you entertained while you are in the open water. Once you get to a port you have the option of staying on board or venturing out. Side note- when you are in port the casino will be closed. Each day they will inform you of the times in which you are allowed to exit the ship.

  1. Stay close to the port as parking fees can add up!
    • If you have to travel to the port and plan on spending the night I recommend finding a hotel nearby. Do your research before hand because many, but not all, offer free shuttles and parking to the ship.
  2. You are allowed to bring one bottle of wine or champagne per 21+ guest. They don’t always have the best soda options so if you drink pop then you are allowed one case of unopened canned soda.
    • Read up on your cruise line because each one has different guidelines
  3. Each cabin has limited outlets and if you plan on charging your phones, camera, tablet, GoPro, or any other electronics you may bring an adapter or two. When purchasing your adapter make sure that it does not have a surge protector, as they are not allowed on board.
  4. No need to pack a blow dryer, you’re cabin comes with one already!
  5. Pack a backpack to take with you when you leave the ship. Try not to bring that much, especially if you plan on walking a lot. I normally tend to accumulate more before the day ends. I will throw a drawstring bag inside my backpack to keep my wet clothes from damaging anything else I have in the backpack. This is useful if you are going somewhere with a beach.
  6. Worried about getting sea sick? It’s best to bring several different kinds of medicine. For the hubs, he prefers the all natural Dramamine pills (concentrated ginger). They work better for him than the regular ones. If you accidentally forget motion sickness medication, the gift shop on the ship will sell them, but for a bit more than your local drugstore.
    • Read the back of the box and take them when it says to. Most will recommend 30 minutes prior to stepping on the ship. THIS WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Don’t let yourself get sick.
  7. Walkie Talkies are a great way to stay connected with your fellow cruisemates. Though many cruise lines offer apps now to stay connected, they will charge you an arm and a leg for the internet. Avoid paying for anything extra by bringing walkie talkies for you and your travel companions.
  8. If you aren’t opposed to using the stairs I highly recommend taking them. Just about everyone on the cruise ship prefers elevators so if you are only going 1 or 2 levels down – take the stairs. Unless you are a very patient person.
  9. You will spend less time in your cabin than you expect – take a picture of the daily planner so that is one less item to carry. Of course you can always go back to your room at anytime.
  10. Make sure to turn your phone on airplane mode as you board the ship or triple check your plan so you don’t end up roaming the entire time.


Been on a cruise before? Where was your favorite destination? Comment below. Have a beachin’ day!


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3 thoughts on “Cruisin’ // Follow These Tips on your Next Cruise

  1. Hey there! Great article..I have been thinking about taking a cruise lately too. Your 10 tips were perfect, and I am.going to follow them pretty much to the T! Lol. Do you have a cruiseline that you recommend?

    1. Hi! I am so glad you enjoyed the article!! I am a big fan of Carnival cruise lines. Their staff is great, the ships are always in perfect working order, and they have yummy food! I’d love to hear all about your trip so make sure to tag us on social media with any posts or email us!!


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