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Eczema Honey Original Soothing Cream

Whether you have a child with eczema or are an adult that has had it for some time, you know how unpleasant it can be! Some people didn’t know this but, adults actually get eczema too! Its not just a child’s issue, in fact, I have had it pretty much all of my life. My subscribers already know this, because I have talked about it in the past. But either way, some people get over it once they get older, and some don’t. There is no telling when or how bad your eczema will be, but for those of you who have it or know someone with it know exactly how uncomfortable it can be. You also know that there isn’t a cure for it. There are just ways to help control it and make it easier to deal with. And that is precisely what this post is about. I have found a soothing cream that beats out ALL of the rest. Put down your chemical filled shea butter-based junk that you got from CVS, because what I am about to tell you is going to BLOW YOUR MIND. Well, not really, but it is going to make you get over to their website and order yourself or your friends/family some of this to give it a try! It is seriously good. I wouldn’t recommend it if it weren’t.

This wonder cream is called Eczema Honey Original Soothing Cream. It is an all-natural cream that was specifically made for Eczema, and let me tell you, when the cream and the eczema start to battle, the cream wins each and every time! Although, sometimes it takes a few minutes to really kick in. One of the worst times for me is after a shower. Especially a hot shower, oh my god. My skin burns like a demon is grasping them, and they are so dry and itchy that they just NEED and CRAVE for a cream. Well, instead of rubbing a chemical based one all over my body, I opt for the natural alternative. I, along many of you, feel like a natural option is so much better for my body. This specific cream is also really, really good at calming those nasty feelings and getting the burning to subside.

Remember how I mentioned my eczema being worse after a shower. Well, a few extra tips on that subject are: Don’t shower with super duper hot water. That opens your pores and makes the eczema flare-up so much worse. Also, hard water can kick your skins butt as well, because it dries it out. So, get a water softener, or a cheaper option is a shower head water softener. You can find it on Amazon for like $25 or less. Also, while we are on the subject, I want to throw in there that using Eczema Honey after you pat dry is oh so important because it is a thick cream with beeswax in it. That wax, mixed with the oils actually creates a barrier on your skin. Think of it as a shield against stuff getting in! And since it is a thicker cream, it actually takes its sweet time to soak in, so the calming and soothing feeling last quite some time, and then continues to feel nice for a few hours as well!


I highly recommend trying Eczema Honey for those of you who have a kid with eczema or who have it yourselves. Or you can buy it as a gift for someone if you want to earn some serious points! Head over to their website to check it out and order some. Lastly, they have quite a few other products available on their website as well. I haven’t personally tried them YET, so I can’t vouch for those other products, but I can for the Cream. Hopefully I can get my hands on some of their other options so I can give y’all a great review and you can continue to build trust in my brand!

As always, I hope you have enjoyed this post and definitely leave any questions or comments below!


Kara Duenas


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