Exploring Puerto Rico in 1 Day

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Boricua! That’s the term the locals use for themselves, instead of saying Puertorriqueno. Anywaysss, if you haven’t been to Puerto Rico, it is time you schedule a trip. It is absolutely gorgeous! Especially if you have a love for architecture. The buildings in San Juan are just down-right stunning. Just look at some of my photos on this post, they speak for themselves!

There is so much to do in San Juan, it is hard to really explain it all in a short post, but I will touch on the best options from my personal opinion. One of the first things you can do in San Juan is shopping. There are hundreds, if not thousands of stores to roam through in the Old San Juan area. Among these shops are the gorgeous buildings and architecture I described earlier. It really is an Instagram wonderland. It’s hard not to stop on the corner of every little block to take another photo! While we are talking about the area, this is also a great spot to find a bite to eat! There are tons of restaurants, bakeries, and lounges to check out. Every single place we went was absolutely delicious and kept us there trying different foods and drinks. Side Note: If you stop at a bakery, and they have a Carajillo, it is a must try! Not really in a good way, but still a must. It is an espresso and rum. To say that it is the strongest espresso, or strongest rum you will ever try is an understatement. It is as potent as it gets!

The bakery we stopped at was La Bombonera. It’s a cute little bakery that has quite a few little desserts to choose from. Another restaurant we tried, although we don’t really recommend this one is El Jibarita. It had great reviews on TipAdvisor, but we hiked all the way up there and didn’t seem very impressed. I think it had good reviews from locals because it is a quick, easy place to eat on the cheap. Again, there are tons of other restaurants that you will walk past, so just stop at one that looks good and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. One last food recommendation is Senior Paleta, a little popsicle spot with lots of flavors and for only $3.10. So, a nice little treat if you visit in the warmth.

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A few other great stops while you’re in San Juan are Old San Juan, hiking in the rainforest, or the Casa Bacardi tour. The historic Old San Juan walking tour. Not to give too much away, it is an old beautiful building with a great view of the ocean. Hiking through the rainforest is exactly how it sounds. You can find tours on TripAdvisor as well, that way you don’t get lost, plus you get to see the best waterfalls and animals along the way. Lastly, The Casa Bacardi tour is just what you would expect, a tour of the rum distillery. And since Puerto Rico is the Rum Capital of the World, this is probably something to try while your there!

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