Airport Lounges: Can’t Live Without Them

Lounge Passes You’ve Gotta Get

For the avid traveler, airport lounges aren’t just airport lounges, but rather, AIRPORT LOUNGES! For those of you who don’t know what an airport lounge is, it’s a lounge away from the rest of the airport, each with their own specific benefits. Some of the benefits include: free food, free drinks (including alcohol), quiet place for work/reading, comfortable seating, private seating, and more. Plus, you may not have to pay to get into a lounge, keep reading to find out how.

The way that most people get into lounges is through their credit card company or by being registered through one of the airlines. A few credit card companies have deals with the lounges where you can get in free of charge. American Express has their own lounges around the world where AMEX cardholders can get in (depending on the card you have), free of charge. In fact, AMEX lounges are usually top-notch and have some of the best benefit. They always have free food and beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic). On the other hand, if you are a Delta member, you still have to be flying on a Delta flight to get into their lounges, which don’t always offer free alcoholic beverages. So, picking the right card and airline memberships is important.

Another great benefit for those of you that don’t have many credit cards and aren’t associated in anyway with an airline is that you can pay to get in. This is especially beneficial if you are very early for your flight. Find the lounge that is closest to your terminal and head on in. Once there, you can acquire on the pricing for entering the lounge. They range usually from $20-$50 per person. If you were planning on getting a bite to eat and a few drinks, then this may be well worth it, as airport food can easily empty your wallet.

A few other favorite benefits for lounging at the airport is being able to take a shower and freshen up. Many lounges out there offer nice restrooms and showers, so this is a major plus if you are flying internationally. Also, these days, almost all of them offer free WiFi within their lounges, which are quite fast considering less people are connected.

For the busy bees who can’t take a break from work, lounges are a great little getaway to plug in your devices and get some quiet time. In fact, lounges were initially designed for the business-savvy personnel, with quiet rules in place. Those rules still hold up, so be sure to check their guidelines before entering with the whole family. For us at Beachin’ Traveler, we have quite a few credit cards and are associated with a few different airlines, so we plan our trips with certain lounges in mind. Knowing that, here are a few of our favorites:

Las Vegas: Centurion Lounge (AMEX) Terminal 1 – Gourmet Food, Signature Cocktails, Curated Wines, Showers, Print/Copy, and Semi-Private Workspaces. Must be Platinum Card or Centurion Member. Can pay $50 per person as well.

Los Angeles: KAL Lounge – Tom Bradley Terminal – Disabled Access, Refreshments, Alcohol, Shower, News/Magazine, WiFi. Must be a Priority Pass Member, which works through financial institutions, and has over 1,000 lounges around the world.

Taiwan: More Premium Lounge – Beer & Wine, Phones, Conference Rooms (Paid), Snacks, WiFi, Premium Food, Printers/Copiers, Showers, and more. Must be a Priority Pass or Lounge Club Member, or can pay $37.00 at the door.



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  1. These sound like great tips! I travel often and have yet to stop in to a lounge… now it is a must. xo

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