Fitness Can Be Hard When Traveling

Don’t Let Your Travel Plans Stop Your Workout Routine!

Being as I am always on the road for work I have had to reinvent the typical way of staying in shape, aka the gym! Not to mention, I am not a “gym” type of person – I enjoy the more traditional approach of staying in shape like enjoying the outdoors. Taking advantage of outdoor activities is by far my favorite way to keep in shape and stay fit!
Now-a-days I’m on the go, a lot, so scheduling in a good hike or swim at the lake isn’t always the most convenient. I’ve had to work with my surroundings and picked up a few travel fitness tips! Check them out below!!

Flight Delayed?

While you wait around for your plane to arrive take a brisk walk around the terminal. Besides, that carry-on you brought is most likely wayyyy too full and the added weight will be a bonus!


There isn’t much you can do while sitting in a small row with 2 other people, but don’t give up!! I will throw a body roller or two in my carry-on and mid flight use it to ease the pain in my lower back, neck, or even the arches of my feet. Yes it won’t be the best body message you’ve ever received, but it definitely helps your muscles from ending up in full tension mode by the time you land.

Stretch It Out

Sitting still, whether it be on a plane or in a car, will tense up your muscles. Might sound silly, but as soon as you get off the plane or to your destination ease that lower back pain by doing a forward fold: bend at your hips and slowly fall forward. For additional stretching allow your upper body to swing back and forth. Other beneficial yoga poses are downward dog + child’s pose.

Equipment Must Haves

Well clearly we don’t want to be lugging around dumbbells or other gym equipment so let’s get real and talk practical travel equipment.

  • Jump Rope: Wanna burn the most calories & have fun while doing it? Then jump rope needs to be your go to travel workout. Jumping rope burns more calories than any other form of cardio.
  • Resistance Bands are a great way to tone on the road + they are light enough to throw in your bag and barely even notice.
  • Hand Towels: use in place of sliders
  • Reuseable water bottle: fill ‘er up and use as weight replacements

Hotel Gym

When booking a hotel for your trip make sure it has a gym… be careful to really look into it because not all hotel gyms have equipment. Sounds crazy right, but so true! I have booked a hotel to only realize that it was more of a stretching room. If this happens to you, don’t worry – In this case you can always add physical activity by avoiding elevators and opting for the stairs or using simple bodyweight exercises!

The best time to workout is first thing in the morning, so kickstart your metabolism with some high intensity full body workouts such as, jumping jacks, pushups, planks, lunges and burpees. several reps of each will be perfect for a quick and beneficial morning workout sesh!

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Kara Duenas


5 thoughts on “Fitness Can Be Hard When Traveling

  1. Oh I’m for sure going to try these out!! My lower back always kills me after a long flight.

  2. So what I needed to hear! I’m planning a trip soon and I’ve been doing so good about staying on a strict workout & diet plan. I was nervous that I’d totally slip, but I’m going to order me some of those resistance bands. Thanks Kara!!

    1. You can do it! Pack them and when you arrive at your destination, make them visible. The more you see them the more you’ll be reminded to do a little workout sesh. I recommend doing your workout in the am. It gets the metabolism going and you’re more likely to do them vs evenings when you are exhausted from a long day of adventuring and maybe even a little buzzed. 😋😉

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