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After my trip to Hawaii I got so many emails and dm’s requesting my top places to grab some food. I realized that meant I had to wrote an article and share it with you all!


Ever heard of Hawaiian fusion? It’s a combination of traditional Hawaiian recipes + European techniques. Yessssss, I am aware that there are a total of 18 different Roy’s locations throughout the United States. This one located in Honolulu is their very first one ever opened. So if you’re a fan of good drinks and delicious food, stop on in!

Tebkaippin Ramen

  • The owners run their own TVs how in Japan – ultimate Japan.
  • Authentic Japanese Ramen
  • Excellent service
  • Delicious and endless options


We have a few of these on the mainland as well. If you haven’t been to a Duke’s it’s got a tiki vibe, with island style cocktails, live music, and this one is located right on the beach. Whether I’m kicking off a vacation or meeting up with people, they have endless food options – surf-n-turf, cheesburgers, tacos, to name a few.


A genuine portugese donought, otherwise known as a Malasada. Light, fluffy, and often filled with different forms of custard. I am not a sweet treat lover, but these have the perfect combination of sugary goodness and a doughy texture.

Expect lines. This place is always poppin’! This is an island must. If you ask anyone where to grab a good Malasada, they will direct you here!!

Matsumoto Shave Ice

Immediately when I land, I begin to crave Matsumoto Shaved Ice **currently drooling**. Matsumoto is located on the North Shore in what used to be a small little market, I’m talking reeeeeally small, but not anymore. They expanded!! Just like anyother shaved ice spot you will find way too many flavor options. So what makes this one stand out? They offer ice cream and red bean stuffed shaved ice, with large mochi balls, and condensed milk. YUMMM!

Many of you are probably thinking I’m crazy right now and that this does not sound tasty, but let me tell you… you are oh so wrong. haha Okay it ight not be everyones fave, but you have got to try it!! You’ll never know if you don’t try it.

I’ve been going to this spot for over 10 years and EVERY time I stop in, there is a line out the door and around the corner. They are fast so don’t let that deter you.

Cheesburger In Paradise

Sometimes you just want a good burger. Who is with me?! Good cocktails, casual vibe, and several options when it comes to burgers… yeppp can’t go wrong! Great for a quick bite.

The Deck – Queen Kapiolani

If you read Monday’s post then you already know why this spot is included in my Foodie Faves! Here’s a recap: Great service, delicious food, large variety of options, and fast. OR you can click here to head on over to the post and read the full breakdown.

House Without A Key

Okay, I have had my fare share of Mai Tai’s… from Las Vegas to Grand Cayman and even Hawaii, but the one that takes it all is from House Without A Key. If you are looking for an elegant place to dine, enjoy a good drink, and a gorgeous view, then this is your place. Most spots on the island have relaxed vibes and dress codes – this is one of those rare places that isn’t. Check dresscode and call in for a reservation before hand.

So why name a restaraunt, ” House Without A Key?” Some of you might think it sounds familiar, that’s because it was immortalized in a 1925 Charlie Chan novel.

What are your favorite spots in Oahu?

Thanks again for following my blog! I am so thankful for each and everyone of you and I will continue to share my travel experience with you.


Kara Duenas


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