Girls Trip To Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara, California

This adorable and slow pace Spanish style town is the perfect girls getaway.

Day 1

I drove from Palm Springs to Los Angeles where I picked up my friend, we then headed to Santa Barbara… making a few pit stops along the way.  After we arrived it was just before the sun began to fall so we rushed over to the market, grabbed a few goodies, and had ourselves a picnic on the beach! While we were at the grocery store the cashier checking us out, gave us directions to a local’s beach. It was a hidden gem!

A hidden path off of Patterson Ave.

How to get to More Mesa Trails

Go West on Patterson Ave through the bends and residential area and you’ll find a sign that reads, ” More Mesa.” Now find yourself a parking spot and get to walking! This trail is open from  8am to sunset. Fur babies are welcome, but just like any other designated walking trial you MUST pick up after them. Oh and yourself too, duhhh! Pack it in, Pack It out! This pathway splits off into multiple trails so choose wisely. JK! All three of the routes are filled with beautiful scenery and the sound of chirping birds + other wildlife.

My favorite trail guides you to a beautiful, yet high, cliff. At the firsts split in the road go up a short, but steep hill to a beautiful grass plain. It will look like nothing and have a lightly designated dirt trail, but boy will this have a treat at the end! Make sure to pay attention because the cliff’s edge comes up quickly and during this time of the year there is heavy fog, as you can see in the photos.

You can choose to snap a few pictures, sit near the edge, and take in the gorgeous sights or continue to walk on to the eucalyptus trees about 0.5 mile further down.

Dinner With A View

Yesssss, this place is full of delicious and unique cuisine options, but come’on how can you say no to this view?! As you’ll read below, we stopped in many restaurants (both local faves and tourist destinations) while we were in town, but nothing compares to this! Soaking in the beautiful views, listening to the sounds of the ocean, and enjoying good company.

Day 2

We started our day with coffee and a chai at Good Coffee located off of Cliff Dr. This adorable locals fave is well worth the hype. Staff was full of positive energy and extremely helpful. The vibes were perfect for this cute beachy town. To my surprise the tea and coffee were both delicious! It is hard to find a coffee spot that offers great tea or vice versa.

Mesa Lane  Steps

I got some local insight on a good place to go with minimal foot traffic and beautiful views. Mesa Lane Steps is just down the road from UCSB and local fave. This hidden gem is nestled between several homes. At first glance it is deceiving,  giving you more of a walking trail vibe, but don’t be so quick to turn away! Walk past the sign and down the first flight of stairs to … well another set of stairs and another set of stairs to finally where you can walk barefoot along the coast or sit and soak in the views. I might have forgotten to mention that this trail will leave your legs feeling a little like jello. You can skip the stair-master for the next week because this trail will get you to your step goal!

The views alone will make up for the endless amount of stairs, I promise! These photos don’t even do it justice! 

Did I mention there is a lot of stairs. haha More pictures of the stairs for you to get a better understanding of what to expect. Thankfully I was looking for a good workout, but I wish someone would have warned me ahead of time. Proper shoes make a huge difference!


You will spot very few people walking the beach, as you can see I only ran into 4 other people the entire time. Wildlife such as seals and birds are very common though so get those cameras ready!


Food Places You’ve Got To Try:


Located on the pier at the base of State Street, this is the perfect spot if you are looking for a fun crowd of people with a wide selection of food options. Oh and they also have a full service bar. Woo hoo! Margarita on the pier… count me in!

On The Alley

Want more of a grab and go meal… check out this spot! Super chill vibe, simple menu, and even affordable pricing! Lucky for me, I was able to try a bite of every one else’s meal … you know, so I could give y’all some feedback. 😉 Honestly, everything was super delish, but my two faves were the Baja Tacos and the Crab Cake Burger (pictured below). Holy Moly they were good!! I’m getting hungry just writing about them. haha

The Breakwater 

Looking for a tasty breakfast spot? Look no further! Beautifully placed right in the center of the harbor you’ll enjoy a wonderful breakfast while taking in some gorgeous views. This place can get busy so expect a little wait.

On The Alley and The Breakwater are both located at the harbor off of Shoreline Road. Though there is free parking on the street, I’d highly recommend coughing up the cash and parking in the lot. The meter maids are on top of their game out there. Parking will run you $2/hr


State Street

Not in the mood to go hiking or maybe you only have one day to explore the entire city…In this case I’d definitely recommend stopping by State Street. You could spend an entire day walking this street.

With the perfect combination of restaurants and adorable boutiques  that lead you all the way to the pier, you’ll stay busy all day.

We were feeling a little adventurous during this trip so we decided to rent a quad sport to cruise the city. Some of you might be a little confused as to what a quad sport. Think of a golf cart with pedals and no motor. They sound like a lot of work, but they are so fun! I made sure to grab the one with a basket on front… I mean come on 2 girls and all these boutiques, we were bound to find something to buy. After spending the majority of our day shopping we headed down to the beach and cruised along the bike path. Normally I’d be at the beach all day, but it was fairly cold and overcast.

Hope I was able to give you a little insight as to what this beautiful city has to offer. I’d love to hear all about your adventures in Santa Barbara so please share in the comment section below!


Have a beachin’ day!



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