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There are two types of people in this world, the ones who brush their teeth religiously, and the ones who brush their teeth according to the dentist recommended minimum. Yes, I know, there are another type, the type who brushes less often than that, if at all. And we aren’t going to talk about them because well, “Ew.” Anyways, I am and have always been one of the people who brushes religiously. Cody even pokes fun at me sometimes because I will be brushing my teeth for upwards of 5-7 minutes each time. But clean teeth are such an important part of life, and a lot of people don’t even see it. It is one of those things that you are consistently taking preventative measures for! And the people who don’t, well, they pay along the way with pain and discomfort, and will really pay when they get older, because they will need so many fixins’. The type of toothbrush you use is an integral part in keeping your whites as white and shiny as can be! I get compliments on my teeth a lot, so I figured I would share a little bit about the brush I use (I would talk about the paste, but I change that up pretty frequently).

For the last 7 years or so, I have ONLY used an electric toothbrush. I stick to electric because it feels SO much better than a regular brush. BUT, you have to get the right kind. With that being said, I have tried the highly praised Quip toothbrush, and frankly, it is absolute junk. It does nothing but vibrate, which probably even makes your teeth less clean because you feel like you don’t have to brush as much. Stay away from Quip. I have also used Oral-B electric brushes, which are right at the top when it comes to movement and overall cleanliness. They work well, the charge lasts a decent amount of time, and you can find them at normal groceries or pharmacies. But that still isn’t my top option. Right now, my absolute top option is the electric brush by Smile Brilliant. It is called cariPRO, and it has more features, and is all-around a really great brush. It is very similar to the Oral-B electric toothbrush, but the bristles feel so much better. Alongside that, the back of the brush has the inner-lip, gum, and tongue cleaner, so it does help in terms of versatility. What truly sets it over the top for me though are the settings that it offers. The head moves differently and at separate speeds when put on different settings. The options are Clean, White, Massage, Gum Care, and Sensitive. Even I forget sometimes how important gum care is and that we should be brushing our gums regularly as well. With this, it takes it easy on your gums, while also cleaning them the right way.  This doesn’t apply to me, but I know a LOT of people have sensitive teeth and gums, and the sensitive setting should take really good care of you, especially when used with a sensitive based toothpaste.

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I don’t really want to build up this brush too much to the point where you don’t believe me, but I will touch base on one more topic that hits home to me, and that is coffee, tea, and wine. I drink one of these daily. Just one 😉. And honest to god, once I started using the cariPRO, within about 8-10 days, I could truly see a difference in my teeth. From the first brush, you will instantly FEEL cleaner and better, but within a week or so, you will literally be able to see a difference! If not, you can try adding in baking soda and a few drops of peroxide after your normal brushing in the mornings, every few days, and that will definitely help with the whiteness. My aunt (who smokes tobacco regularly) uses this brush with the baking soda tip I just mentioned, and she has whiter teeth than anyone I know. If getting rid of smoke, wine, and coffee stains doesn’t prove it’s worth, I don’t know what will! Plus, for what it is, it’s one of the most affordable options on the market. In fact, it is around HALF of the price of the next comparable brush! You can get one for $119 or two for $199. That is actually less than half the price of a comparable brush! So, if you thought the price was going to be an issue, you are going to have to think up a different excuse. Actually, don’t think up another excuse, because you deserve clean, healthy, white teeth and that is exactly what the Smile Brilliant brush will do.  as I said in my previous Smile Brilliant article, ” white teeth will help people like you more” haha jk! Lastly, your money goes a long way, because they have an awesome 2-year warranty, and a money back guarantee, so you really have nothing to lose. I’m telling you, I use it, and it’s a wonderful toothbrush, so head over to their website so you can use it too. P.s. I really do vouch for this company and this brush, so much so, that I am GIVING ONE AWAY!

You read that right, I am having a giveaway this month and all you have to do to be entered is click this link here:

Also, if you want to buy one, here is a discount code which will give you 20% off. Head over to their website and grab one before you forget and then continue brushing with a boring, normal brush that doesn’t clean the way it should! They have several other products you can purchase as well: teeth whitening kits, desensitizing gels (perfect for people with sensitive teeth like me!) and more!

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8 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY | cariPRO Electric Toothbrush

  1. Great article! I’ve got sensitive teeth too, but glad to hear this company has a desensitizing gel. I’ll have to give them a try.

    1. Thank you! Yeah, their gel does wonders. Crazy how there was no pain yet every other company I tried hurt SO bad. I hope you give them a shot. Xx

  2. Getting older really takes a toll on the whiteness of your teeth! I’m really excited to use your product to help feel younger again!

  3. I’m glad you shared a product review on a product that both men and women can use. I just entered the giveaway, hope I did it right.

    1. I will defintely start writing more reviews on products that are unisex. Goodluck with the giveaway! Xx

  4. Omg I love how real you are in your writing! “White teeth can help people love you” 😂 I love that, such a goof! I’m sharing right now for the giveaway! Count me in coach!

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