Golden, Colorado

Our Stay In Golden

Located just 30 minutes outside Denver and nestled up in the hills, Golden is an adorable town you’ll want to see. With only 1 day to spare in this town, we had to really buckle down and decide what we wanted to do. We were still on our ride to Sturgis so all three of us only had limited clothing + shoe options so a lot of extreme outdoor activities were immediately crossed off the list. Much to our surprise this town had a ton of different options! Though a long debate, we did end up deciding on 3 fun activities.

Red Rocks Park + Amphitheatre

Big, beautiful red rocks and lush greenery this place is heaven for nature lovers of all kinds. It was a bit gloomy when we were there and actually a concert was happening just yards from us, but none of that stopped us from taking in the spectacular views and the incredible wildlife we spotted.

The perfect place for a date day, picnic, a quick hike, or to sit and enjoy a good book. I would go back here again!!! I’ll be throwing up a bunch more pictures of this incredible place all week so make sure to follow @BeachinTraveler on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook…basically all social platforms.

Buffalo Bills Museum 

For those of you that stay current with Beachin’s blogs you’ll remember my post on this historic site! If you haven’t read it, go check it out now!!


It seems like every corner in this cute town there is a different brewery! As a beer connoisseur (I’d like to think so lol) I was stoked to find this out. I love to brew beer and learn the process of fellow brewers so this was right up my alley. We didn’t quite make it to all of the breweries in town, but we did get a good look at 4 of them!  Holidaily Brewing offers Gluten Free beer for those of you on a GF diet. Their beer is quite tasty as well. Cannonball Creek Brewing company had great flight options, growlers to fill + take home, and a fun environment. I just had to hit up The Coors Factory, duh. It was an incredible experience. Being as I am a huge fan of Original Coors I figured it’s best I go and learn how this small brewery grew to the #2 beer company in the United States. This brewery deserves it’s own blog so stay tuned for more details about my tour there!

Unfortunately I was on a strict time frame so I wasn’t able to explore too many of the Endless trails this city offered. Though the ones I did visit were perfect for cyclists, mountain boarders, runners, walkers, or motorcycle riders. If you are an outdoorsy person then you should start planning a trip to Golden, Colorado!

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