Gone Camping! Thanksgiving Weekend In Cal City, California

Every year since I could remember we have always gone camping for Thanksgiving. Well this year we decided to do things a little differently. Thanksgiving was actually spent at home… well where I’m originally from aka Los Angeles. Then that evening we loaded up the trailer and went on our way.

California City is located about 110 miles north of Los Angeles. It’s an easy drive up 2 major freeways and boom, you have arrived! The perfect place to ride dirt bikes, go off-roading, and/ or just enjoy the beautiful desert scenery.

What you think you need for this trip:

  • Curling Iron/ Straightener
  • Complete Makeup Bag
  • Multiple shoe options
  • Camera equipment- there will be a ton of picture opportunities, but best to stick with your cell phone or GoPro

What you actually need:

  • Dry shampoo, detangler, and a brush. Water is precious when camping so washing that mane is going to be limited. Detangler has become a staple when I camp!
    • QUICK TIP: If your hair is straight & tends to get flat easily – curl your hair the day you leave. Day 1 you’ll have nice curls, day 2 it will be beautiful waves, and by day 3 you will still have some volume left! Save wearing a hat or putting your hair up until the last day as it will tend to increase the likelyhood of your hair flattening out.
  • Pre- soaked cotton pads w/makeup remover or face wipes are great to have! Even if you don’t plan on wearing any makeup they will remove the dirt and environmental stressors.
  • Baby Wipes are always a good idea! You can use these to freshen up when you can’t shower and or just to clean up. Buy the small packs if you have the option.
  • Tinted Moisturizer or a good BB Cream with SPF is perfect! You are camping, no need to cake on the makeup!

When it comes to clothing, I highly recommend checking the weather before you go and then again… it is the desert so weather can change in the blink of an eye. This weekend it was warmer than usual, but hey hasn’t it been everywhere across the U.S.?! Beautiful high of 80ยฐ during the day and a low of 50ยฐ.

Can you tent camp out there? YESSSSS you totally can, but let me warn you it can get COLD at night. Once again, check the weather right before your trip so you can pack accordingly.

Off-Road Toys

Cal City requires a permit to take your dirt bikes, rhino’s, or buggy’s out for a spin. Yes this includes ones that have already got the state permits. It will cost you about $15 per OHV (off-Highway Vehicle) or you can always buy a family pack of 4 for $50. If you are planning on throwing out your trash or dumping your motorhome tanks than ask them about the additional passes.

You will see a wide range of OHV’s out there – motorcycles, quads, buggy’s, trophy trucks, and other neat vehicles!

Get In My Belly

When camping I’m about simplicity, low maintenance, and easy clean up. Now the boyfriend is a chef and doesn’t like me to skimp on the food. This was tough at first, but through the years I’ve built up some tasty meals that fit both our requirements. Take a look! All the recipes from this trip can be prepped ahead and are in the recipe area of the blog or just click here!

Where do you celebrate Thanksgiving?


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