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GoodBeing: Product Review

Hi There!

Are you all ready for Thanksgiving?! I know I am!! Good food, good company, and a few days off… yessssss please!

This week I received a beauty + wellness box from GoodBeing. They are a subscription based monthly lifestyle + beauty delivery company, with a focus on sustainable living!

I had yet to hear about a subscription based service, only dedicated to sending out cruelty-free, organic health + wellness, and clean beauty products. So when this arrived at my house, I was super stoked to have the opportunity to review and further investigate.

Service Deets:    

How does their business work?! It takes 3 easy steps to get signed up and on your way to receiving your first box.

1. Choose Your Box

2. Personalize

You will be required to set up a profile/account – this is where they will ask you several questions relating to preferences, areas of concern, and delivery options. Once you fill that out, you will begin receiving 4-5 personalized products in every monthly delivery. If you are feeling wild you can decide to let those items be a mystery ORRRR if you aren’t as  insouciant, you can select 2 of  the 4 products you wish to receive.

I enjoy trying new companies out and I figure the only way that is going to happen is if I let my box be a mystery.

3. Time To Indulge!


Once you sign up and make an account with them, you can customize your next delivery! I chose to request more skincare + wellness  products.


They offer 2 different boxes: a Lifestyle & a Beauty box. Both cost $24.95/ month


  • Lifestyle Box:
    • “The perfect combo of beauty, wellness & lifestyle, from basic beauty & personal care to makeup, supplements, superfoods & non-toxic living goods.” – GoodBeing
  • Beauty Box:
    • “All beauty, all the time, featuring specialized facial, body & hair care + makeup, nail color, fragrance, beauty elixirs, targeted serums, beauty accessories & more.” -GoodBeing



The month to month plan is $24.95. If you opt in to pay for an annual membership, you will save 15% . Don’t worry, they allow you to upgrade your plan and switch between boxes at anytime.

November’s Products:

I love that in every box comes cards with the product information, the price if you want to purchase separately, and even some discount codes.

Here is a little info on the products I received in my deliver this month.

Paxi: Hydro Boosting Toning Mist is a versatile facial mist often used to refresh your skin or even to set makeup. The all natural, vegan ingredients such as: rooibos, green + white tea extracts, hyaluronic acid, and Neroli are ideal for moisturized and balanced skin.

A 4oz. bottle will run you about $26.

Clove and Hallow: PETA certified as a vegan & cruelty-free product, can we say yeeeeeeeees?! Built from coconut oil, shea butter, and vitamin e which leaves your lip moisturized and free from cracking throughout the day. Leave your worries behind, this matte lipstick is smudge proof so you can eat, drink, and smooch all day long! SIDE NOTE: give your lippies a little scrub down prior to application for maximum results.

19 oz container is $18.00

Gyspy Soul Organics: This beeswax based perfume is as unique as the individual. It works with each person’s chemistry to create a personal fragrance.

Full size: .55oz  will cost you $25.00

EIR NYC: A body oil that will replenish the moisture in your skin and is ideal for after sun exposure. The Sunset oil is reef safe so you can totally throw it in your beach bag and not worry about it harming our beautiful oceans. YAY!

A full size (8 oz) bottle of this will cost ya $35.00


Overall I really enjoyed their service! I was delighted with the products I obtained for my initial box. If you are looking to try new products, but not sure where to start, I’d recommend giving Goodbeing a shot! They will widen your product knowledge allowing you to do a trial run with a product before jumping all in and investing in a full size bottle.

P.S. This would be a total badass gift to give someone else. Since they give you the option of purchasing just one month, I’d say send your bestie a GoodBeing box for Christmas or that person that is SOOOO hard to buy for. It’ll give her a few options. 😉

They are having a Black Friday special on their website. Take $15 off first 3 months ($4.99 per month). Try Goodbeing for less than $20.00 a month for up to THREE months. Code is: GOOD15

*** Heads up, this offer is good through cyber Monday! 🙂





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    1. I would give them a try. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of products they sent and their customer service is amazing! Xx

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