Hidden Gem just off of the California Coast

San Luis Obispo, CA

Coffee Shops You’ve Gotta Check Out!

  • Scout:
    • Located in University Square, this super adorbs coffee shop is the perfect place to enjoy a cup of joe and catch up with friends. Not in the mood to chat? Don’t worry there is a ton of available seating where you can nestle in the corner and get your work done. This spot is a local fave and has trendy décor with a chill vibe.
    • There menu is simple. COFFEE is there main focus… take a chill pill all you tea drinker out there, they have several options of iced tea on tap! I’d highly recommend trying out there iced mango black tea. Yeah, yeah yeah I know… there coconut is the local fave, but who doesn’t love a classic black with a hint of mango?!
    • Novelty items are placed throughout the shop and sold for a reasonable price. Some items are locally made and others are just interesting/quirky gifts.
    • You won’t have to fight off other caffeine deprived citizens as there is plenty of parking! YAY!
    • Super trendy, crazy cool vibes. Feels like a coffee shop I’d find in Silver Lake!


What To Pack:

You are still on the coast so check the weather daily before your trip because as we’ve learned from my past trips, beach cities can change instantly! Around this time of the year I always expect a little overcast one of the days so prepare for that. No matter how prepared you think you are, I can assure you that the coast will throw you a curveball.

Girl, bring a cardigan or light sweater for the day/ early morning and something heavier for the evening. This is no joke. All day we had beautiful 80 degree weather then as soon as that sun began to drop it got cold, QUICK. Not to mention we had extreme overcast conditions first thing in the am.

Maxi dresses are always the perfect beach attire. If it is a warm day wear just the maxi and some sandals. Not so warm, don’t worry, you’ve got a cardigan to throw on top. YAY for dual purpose outfits!! I always carry workout outfits and sneakers on trips… you never know when you’ll find a fun trail or beach to run.

Sunblock, a hat, and chapstick are a must! Sunny or Overcast, you’ll still be vulnerable to those pesky UV rays so protecting yourself is always important!


Operation Exploration

Unfortunately, we didn’t spend too much time at the beach this trip. Finding local faves was our mission and boy did we get lucky! As you read above we found some dope coffee shops, but local trails was by far my favorite thing to explore… duhhhh. You probably could have guessed that one. haha

Farm Land is plenty in this region of the central coast. My road trip buddy had never seen a horse or a farm… yeah sounds kind of crazy right?! She honestly had never left the big city to explore. I decided this was the trip she needed to be introduced to these adorable animals!

We got a little lost leaving Scout (coffee shop) and ended up at this beautiful ranch. Take a look at the pictures below!

Hope you have a beachin’ day!



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