Holiday Gift Giving Guide

Holiday Season is upon us and to some many this can be a bit overwhelming… numerous dinner parties, family events, gift giving, and more. Let me help you alleviate some of the Holiday Gift Giving stress with some of my faves!

We Drink Bubbles

I am in love with this company, especially around this time of the year. Whether I am attending a holiday dinner party or participating in our work’s Secret Santa game, ordering some bubblies from We Drink Bubbles and having them delivered to my door is We Drink Bubbles Kara Duenasas stress free as it gets. Everyone (as long as they are over 21) should enjoy a good, rare bottle of Champagne or Rose this holiday season. So gift them a bottle or two… depending on how much you like them. 😉

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*** For more information on We Drink Bubbles and how it works, check out this article: Bubbly

The Scent Freak

Just about every female you know will be pleased with a good smelling candle and most men, tend to appreciate scents as well. Candles are the perfect addition to complete a gift set or to compliment a sensual, relaxing, or comfort themed gift.

If you have to purchase a gift for someone you may not know that well, candles are a good start! Not sure what smells they like? Go for a Homesick candle; find out what state they are from and gift them the that scent.  Who cares what it smells like… it has adds a sincere & personal touch and they will be greatly appreciative.

The Writer

Do you have a writer or an orginizational freak, like me, that you are buying for? Then journals and planners are the perfect gift!

We often prioritize just about everything else before our own happiness. Journaling can be a wonderful additive to those seeking peace of mind, happiness, mindfullness, and over all self-love. Gift a journal so that they may create a more joyful, positive, and balanced life.

The Traveler

Whether they travel internationally or not, these gifts below are perfect for thosed frequenting the airport.

The Fashionista

Yesssss buying clothes can get tricky for the fashion lover in your life, but I’ve got a few items that they can’t say no to.

The Gamer aka BoardGamer

Beauty/ Skincare Lover

It gets tricky buying beauty products for people as everyone’s skincare regime may be a little different. Unless you know the person’s skincare type very well, It’s best to avoid buying any face creams, cleansers, and anti-aging products. Choose something from the widget below instead!

I tried to cover all the genres I could think of, but like always, don’t hesitate to reach out if you need some help with gift ideas! I’m always here to help.




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