How to Furnish Your Home AFFORDABLY

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How to Furnish Your Home AFFORDABLY

If you are on the hunt for furniture or accessories, there are a few ways you can go about it. What makes me the expert in affordable furnishings? Well, I own an affordable furnishings store. Lol. For those of you who have previously read about it, I own a consignment store in Palm Desert that directly and specifically deals with high end furniture at a discounted price. So, now that we got my credentials out of the way, there are a variety of methods for searching for and finding affordable décor. Plus, use these ways to find unique pieces, so your home doesn’t look the same as everyone else’s!


The number one option is to use consignment stores! I am not just saying this because I have one. I am saying it because this is the way to find the most affordable furniture and accessories, as well as the most unique! People from around the world have treasures that they end up getting rid of, and when you got this route, you end up having a super beautifully cultured home.


The next way is to use online shopping, which you probably already know of. But what you don’t know of are some of the websites that you should be using! The first one if Wayfair. I am sure you have heard of it, but may not have used it yet. This should be used for accessories or items with good reviews. The reason I say this is because Wayfair is notorious for giving you a super cheap product or one that doesn’t have all the parts you need to assemble it. So, its best to stay away from buying furniture online. Especially if you want something of quality, because you just never know what you’re gonna get. Also, you can use online consignment stores as well! Try Chairish out, they have a wide variety of super unique items and don’t always rake the price up through the roof!

Last, but not least!

Lastly for online shopping, I recommend signing up for an Auction/Estate Sale Site. Specifically, Everything but the House or EBTH. They take amazingly clear photos of the items they are selling and you can find some incredible pieces for next to nothing! You can try to find sales nearest to you, that way you don’t have to pay for shipping, but if you did find something you wanted far away, and hopefully it isn’t too large, you can have it shipped to you as well! It’s a fantastic take on Estate sales and I recommend trying it out.

For patio furniture, there are quite a few options, but I always recommend Costco, Home Depot, and Lowes for affordable, new patio furniture, or if you didn’t find something at a consignment store. Also, patio furniture doesn’t have as big of a variety or uniqueness to it as accessories and other home goods. So, shopping at these three stores may work out perfectly and keep your wallet as full as possible!

Do you know of any other ways to find some great deals and once in a lifetime finds? If so, leave a comment below with your ideas and secrets! Oh, and not that I am trying to push it, but I have a feeling I am going to get a lot of people asking, so I will throw it out there… If you want to check out my store, you can follow us on IG @theeliteconsignments or head over to our website

Thanks for reading and I hope your thoughts and ideas on the matter!


Kara Duenas


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