How To Keep An Eye On Your Fur Babies, While You Are Miles Away


As many of you know, I have a love for animals that is simply unbreakable. I have two beautiful dogs and a chubby, adorable cat. Every time I leave the house, they are looking up at me with their Sarah McLachlan commercial eyes like they are losing me forever, and it breaks my heart time and time again. As I am driving away, I always wonder how long they are sitting there waiting for me to come back in, or what they are doing after I leave. Well, this led me to do some research on pet cameras, so I can always see what they are up to.

There are quite a few options out there, which all kind of vary in size, price, and functionality. I found the Petcube to be a great fit for me, and I have really enjoyed having and using it over the last few months. Firstly, it has a great quality camera, so I can always see exactly what they are up to. How do I see it? Through their app, on my phone, within seconds of opening it up.

Another great feature that led me to this specific pet-cam is their two-way audio. Not only can I hear them, but I can also talk to them, and they look right up at the camera when they hear my voice. It’s adorable, to say the least. On top of that, the audio settings can be setup to notify you when your dogs bark! Which is incredibly helpful when you have dogs with separation issues, or ones that just love to bark at everything while you’re gone or have neighbors that complain all the time.

But Wait, There’s More! Lol.

There are currently two different products from Petcube to choose from. One is a small box with a laser pointer built in, called the Petcube Play, which allows you to control the laser pointer right from your phone in real time. So, you can play with your pets even when you aren’t home! If you are busy, you can set it to auto mode, which does exactly what it says.

The other is Petcube Bites, which is the one I have. This one is a little bigger, and for good reason. It has all the same features as the Play model, except instead of having the laser pointer, it has a treat thrower. Which you can control. From anywhere in the world. Awesome! Really though, you load it up with your favorite pet’s treats, and can throw them up to 6 ft. These really are great cameras that I do recommend. If you have been looking for a pet-cam (probably the reason you landed here), then you should give the Petcube a try.

Oh, I almost forgot, it also records your pet’s actions, which can be controlled in the setting as well, for a certain amount of time. For example, you can set it to record continuously, or only when it detects barking or loud noises. This is also a great feature for home security as well. The dogs deter the subject, and if that doesn’t work, at least you will have them on video to aid in finding them!

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoyed! Leave any question in the comments section below and have a great day!



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