How To Not Look Jet Lagged After A Long Flight

How To Not Look Jet Lagged After A Long Flight

Long flights can wear ya down, emotionally and physically. Don’t worry because I’ve got you covered so you look 100% when walking off that airplane at your final destination!

Let’s be honest, the best way to travel is makeup free. I’m sure you all knew that, but with our obsession of Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook traveling makeup free is probably not going to happen. If you can… starting your travels with a fresh face will allow your skin breath + make it easier for you to maintain throughout the flight. So give it a breather, take it off that makeup!

Okay, you are about an hour in to your 4 hour flight and you have finally begun to settle in, now it is time to lay on a moisturizing mask! These are a great way to replenish loss of moisture due to that yucky recycled airplane air; it will perk up the skin and give you a fresh look! Just a heads up, after removing these masks our skin has a little residue left on it so just take a facial wipe and give your face a quick little “wash.” It’s totally up to you whenever you want to use the mask, sometimes I wait until right before landing to liven up my face.

Another great option, to use in combination with the hydrating mask or even by itself, is hydrating mists. Hydrating mists are great way to quickly re-hydrate your face – give it that dewy appearance. If you are taking a quick flight somewhere (less than 3 hours) then I would def recommend using only the hydrating mist. These are totally worth the purchase- you can use them when traveling, during the dry winter months to add moisture to your face (with makeup or without), and to give your makeup a dewy appearance.

Water, water, and more water

Water will be your skin’s best friend when traveling… okay basically it’s BFF all the time! When travelling our skin gets dehydrated – so make sure to drink more than the average amount of water the night before, the day of, and even after the flight! Nobody wants dull, dry skin!! My reusable bottle is always with me when I travel!! This way when I get to the airport, patiently waiting at the gate, I can refill my bottle and stock up on that hydration!!

There Ain’t No Way I’m Traveling W/Out Makeup On…

If you are one of those people that cannot leave the house without makeup then I have some tips for you too. Stay away from heavy makeup such as eyeshadows, mascara, and eyeliners. They will not last, so don’t even go there! Once you land you can apply them, trust me it will look way better! Starting at the base: throw on some bb or cc cream – these are light enough so they won’t enhance the dull appearance of your skin and they will give your skin a light tint so you won’t feel so bare and moisturize it during the flight.

All these tips can be beneficial during any sort of travel – plane, boat, road trips, etc.

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