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Isla Mujeres

Destination: Isla Mujeres

Hey There!

So just about this time last year, were on our way over to Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo Mexico. Cody, my fiance, to my surprise had planned out this entire trip to celebrate my birthday! My birthday kicks off Summer, so we have always traveled to beachy destinations!

Are We There Yet?

Our journey to the destination was a bit of an adventure… let’s just say that Cody is new to this whole trip planning thing. Ha, Ha! When booking the flight he didn’t realize the many layovers that came with this already wonderful red-eye flight. Leaving Las Vegas around 10pm and making our 3 stops (oh yes, and switching planes EVERY TIME lol), we finally arrived in Cancun around 5am. Just in time to watch the insanely gorgeous sunrise on our ferry ride over… OOPS getting ahead of myself here. On to the next means of transportation, the shuttle. We hopped on a shuttle from the airport to the port, just about 30 or so minutes away. Wait a port? Yepp, a port for the ferry we have to take to get to the island. It was just a short ferry ride over to Isla Mujeres. I highly recommend taking the ferry during the day so you can truly enjoy the beauty of the ride and the island.

All in all it was a fun little adventure even after our flight to get to our hotel. The cost wasn’t bad, ~$30/person for the ferry and ~$15/person for the ferry. You can book ahead for better rates or even opt in to the weekly pass if you plan on going between Cancun and Isla Mujeres often.

We Have Officially Arrived!

Cody had found us an All-Inclusive, at the CUTEST little resort called, Mia Reef. It was on it’s private little island, right off of Isla Mujeres. I was already impressed with this place and thinking to myself, “great find babe!”

What do you do first when arriving to your hotel during a vacay? Go to the bar, of course! JK You check in silly. lol 😉

Okay, day number one was as all about unwinding and enjoying the all-inclusive amenities. We found the swim up bar and started the day off with some tasty Mango Margaritas, made right there in front of you. The pool had a nice number of people in it, but not enough to feel crowded. Half-way through the day the staff began setting up a volleyball net in the pool where you were allowed to coordinate a game. I chose to sit back enjoy my tasty beverages and watch them play…Cody had a different plan, he joined right in. It was so much fun, cheering for both teams, listening to the music, and meeting so many new people!

Once volleyball was over the staff would begin a new activity; ranging from trivia to dance lessons. No matter what time of the day it was you could join in an activity. I was living up the vacation life more so than my better half. Cody loved joining in on the sports games, the kayaking tours, and snorkeling groups…all of which were apart of the ‘all-inclusive” package! But we will continue to talk about the resort in a later article, so stay tuned!


What To Do On Isla Mujeres


1. Playa Norte

In my personal opinion, this is one of the best beaches on Isla Mujeres! The warm, clear, shallow waters are lined with beautiful palm trees and lots of restaurants. If you are looking for a peaceful/ private beach, this may not be the right place for you. In peak season, Playa Norte can get a little crowded.

Pack your sunblock and sunglasses because this beach has everything else you need; beach chairs, good food and drinks, umbrellas, and more!

2. Tortugranja

Indoor and Outdoor Aquarium directed towards Turtles!! Fun place for the family, even has a little gift shop for the kids to purchase something or maybe you are looking to send a cute gift to someone back home. Worth seeing and reasonably priced.

3. Punta Sur

This one is located on the South end of the Island and is part of the national park, so if you are staying where we stayed ( the northernmost point) then it can be a little trip to get here. SO WORTH IT though!

We went to the lighthouse first; beautiful picture spot and a cool viewpoint. After that the nautical museum… you’ve been following me for a while now, you had to of known a museum was coming. There you will learn the history of the monuments still left on what is now, a national park. Not into implementing education into your vacay, no worries there’s more!

Bring your cameras, or at least have a fully charged cell phone because you’ll be posting SO many ( maybe too many ) wildlife pictures in no time! There is an observation tower where you can watch the wildlife on the protected beaches; sea turtles often hatch here and it’s the coolest thing to witness! Also, included in the park fee is a guided boat ride through the lagoon to watch birds, crocodiles, and more!

Devil’s Throat

If that doesn’t sound scary, I don’t know what does. lol! Devil’s throat is their dedicated (experienced) snorkeler and scuba diving area; a closer reef is perfect for those beginner snorkelers. You’ll see plenty of beautiful fishies at both! I travel with my snorkel gear so as for renting snorkel gear I’m not sure if you can. They do have scuba gear to rent, but that is with designated group tours.

Don’t Get Hangry!

I ALWAYS pack snacks, but that is because I’m so guilty of getting hangry. Also, I eat often… like very often and there isn’t always food available, so throw a couple granola bars in your backpack/purse and that should hold you over until you find a restaurant. A little ways down, this dirt road is 2 food places, Papito’s Beach Club Restaurant and Bar and  Punta Sur Beach Club.

4. Shopping

Depending on where you are staying, there are MANY different spots to shop. We were fortunate enough to have a cute little main street right outside our resort. Everything from Senor Frogs to local vendors, super cute stuff and affordable pricing, the perfect items to bring back home as gifts… or keep for yourself. 😉

Time To Head Back To Base Camp & Enjoy The All Inclusive

Did Someone Say All Inclusive? For the next few days we decided to explore our hotel grounds; Doing so, we came across the neatest snorkel spot!! The Grand King Pool, it is located right outside the suites and has a cute little boardwalk down to the center. You could find us here just about every other day, if not more! Mia Reef Resort, our hotel, offers free snorkeling gear if you purchased the all-inclusive package.

After a fun day of snorkeling around the island we decided to head back to our room, clean up, and enjoy dinner on the beach. To our surprise Mia Reef offered entertainment at one of their dining locations. Every night was a different theme and you were more than welcome to join in!

There were 3 different dining locations, 2 which were walk-in only and the 3rd required reservations. We never made it over to their reservation only spot because we enjoyed eating right there on the beach at random times. Trying to fit in as many possible fun activities, meant dinner was whenever we started starving ha, ha!

The staff at Mia Reef was fantastic!! Super friendly, hard working, and extremely attentive… the perfect combination! Anything we needed at anytime of the day/ night they were there instantly and as helpful as can be. We are soooo in love with this place – already planning our next trip back.

In Conclusion…

Out of all the Mexico destinations, this has got to be my number 1… and I’ve been to over a dozen different cities in Mexico. I love them all, but if you are looking for a fun family vacation spot or even a beautiful honeymoon resort, you have got to give Isla Mujeres a try. There is something for everyone there and the city itself, is just adorable!

Want to see more pictures of this trip? Check out my social sites for more! And as always, don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions, I love helping you all plan your dream vacations!

Safe travels!


Kara Duenas

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