Paddle Boarding At Lake Las Vegas

Our day at Lake Las Vegas

Well we have this place on the South East side of Las Vegas called Lake Las Vegas. Now, I have only been there once, but immediately I fell in love. Cute little resort area with a private lake, gourmet eateries, and lots of shops. Oh yeah, and a Casino for all you gamblers! I’d highly recommend this spot as a romantic getaway; the hubby can golf while you pamper yourself at the hotel spa.ย  Can’t get away from the kids? Don’t worry, there are plenty of family fun activities. You can even rent some water sport equipment through Lake Las Vegas Water Sports.


Back on track

A friend of mine opened up a business that sells Paddle Boards and well I figured it’s about time I try one of those bad boys out!! Make sure to watch the video of our adventure on our Instagram account.ย  I know I’m a bit behind the trends when it comes to outdoor sporting activities. Let’s just say that I like to try them out months after everyone else has already become addicted. haha

Paddle boarding was so much fun & an intense workout!! It took me a few minutes to get the gist of it, but once I figured it out I was instantly hooked. The peaceful lake and good company made the day even better. We brought a few pre-made sandwiches and beverages in a insulated backpack (I have already included it in my shopstyle account, well worth the purchase if you enjoy the outdoors). Paddled on over to a cool cove and enjoyed our quick lunch. We had our own little private beach to soak up some rays and let the food settle. After a little while we got back on our boards and paddled around some more!

A few hours later we decided to give our bodies a break, beach the boards, and walk up to a yummy restaurant to grab some beers. This last minute day trip turned out to be pretty spectacular.

What To Bring

They have just about everything here so don’t worry! You forget your sunblock? No problem, just pop into the market and buy yourself some more! I am one of those people who likes to be prepared and bring just about everything I could possibly ever need… overpacker? YESSS! hahaha

I’d recommend bringing sunblock, chapstick, and a hat for sure!! That desert sun can do some gnarly damage on our skin so cover up and protect! Sunglasses are always good to have with you too. The necessities can vary depending on our activities you choose to do. Here is a quick break down based on those possible activities.

Beach Day:
  • Towel
  • Sunblock
  • Chapstick
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Snacks
  • Book
  • Ball or water sport Equip. of your preference
Spa/ Gambling:
  • Light jacket … it can get a little chilly in the casino sometimes
  • Hair tie
  • small purse ( Leave that big ol’ handbag you use daily behind)
    • Enough room for money, lipgloss, cell phone, keys, and female hygiene necessities
Shopping & Grubbing:
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Sunblock
  • Comfortable shoes
    • This is the perfect place to walk from store to store so havingย  good shoes will make a big difference


Pictured above is the setting for this adorable French Bistro we ate at first thing in the am. Delicious & affordable, can’t beat that!


Looking to practice your wakeboarding skills? Lake Las Vegas offers a wakeboard system for a small fee. Tubing, kneeboards, and skis are all available for rental/use at their “cable park.” Unfortunately this trip we didn’t have time to try it out, but they were pretty consistently busy… must be pretty fun.

To check out more of the activities at Lake Las Vegas, click here!


Kara Duenas


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