The Ride // Las Vegas, NV – Sturgis, South Dakota

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally – 2,794 miles of Two-Wheel Leisure


Riding a motorcycle for long distances can either be a pain in the butt (literally) or an absolutely amazing experience, depending on your planning and setup. First thing first, we have a Harley Softail Blackline, which doesn’t come stock as a super comfortable bike. But with a few additions., we got it to conform to our needs (and butts)! One of the first changes was the seat. This is especially helpful for the passenger since they usually have a much smaller seat in the first place. After that, we got memory foam inserted on the top layer for added comfort. It’s worth it!

Also, we added a trunk  (Tourpak) with a backrest attached for a little back support. Lastly, riding over 200 miles usually calls for music of some sort. The wind gets boring and dull over the hours. We rider almost 2800 miles, so music was a necessity! Throw some speakers and a phone charger on there so you always have your phone!

Recommended Route from Vegas to Sturgis

There are a few different options if you are riding from the West coast to Sturgis.  Each one offers its own benefits and downfalls, but after lots of planning, we chose the longest of the routes. Why? The scenery! Going through Colorado instead of Wyoming was a great decision. Just going through Grand Junction and Glenwood Springs was enough to make the whole trip worth while. Anyways, we took the I-15 Northbound from Vegas, going [slightly] into Arizona, then Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, and finally South Dakota. This route also works from the Los Angeles or San Diego area, you would just ride to Vegas first, also up the I-15 N. As for gas and stretch breaks, we tried to do around 100 miles between each stop. Not that it’s difficult to push 100 miles, but we like to stretch and check out the different towns along the way. One important note if you haven’t ever ridden a route, is to check your phone for a city along your route and find your next gas stop, that way you never run out!

Anyways, from the 15, you get on I-70 Eastbound, and basically that that all the way to Colorado. This is the beautiful part, especially once you cross the Colorado border. Once you get to Denver, there are a few different ways to get to Sturgis, no certain one being better than the other. You can take the Highways, or the back roads of Wyoming. I recommend doing 1 up and the other back down. That way you can decide for yourself which you will do the next year. Oh, one last thing, if you take the 15 to the 70, there is a city you might need to stop in to get gas, depending on your gas mileage. It is Salina , Utah, about 80 miles from Beaver, Utah. The next gas stop after that is 107 miles East, in Green River.


Places to See in/around Sturgis

Once you get to Sturgis, one of the first things you will want to do is ride through Main St. It’s where all the bikes are lined up. There are lots of bars and places to eat. You can find out everything about that on their website. Once you’ve settled in and want to explore a little, this whole area has gorgeous rides. In no specific order, the Black Hills is a beautiful ride. Put it into your GPS and hit the road. Riding through the mountains on the way there is a sight in itself. Once you get there, the bikes are again, lined up and people are shopping, drinking, laughing, and eating.

An absolute must see is Mount Rushmore. If you don’t want to pay to go through the gates and get the tour, you can just take pictures from the road, or pass the entrance and pull over to get a profile view. Near Mount Rushmore is a place called Bear a Country, where, for $15 each, you can see wildlife including….you guessed it, BEARS.  Another great place is Hill City, which again has beautiful views on the way there, plus a winery and a brewery for some fun taste testing!


Well, there you have it. Our trip to Sturgis and what we recommend for you! For questions on where to stay, where to eat, or any other places to visit or see, leave a comment below and you can pick our brains. To get our two MOST recommended places to stay and roam around on the way to Sturgis, subscribe and simply ask us on the contact page. We will send you all the info we have! Thanks for reading and ride safe!!






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