Lee Canyon

Lee Canyon Ski Resort

They say money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you a lift pass and that is kinda the same thing.ย 

Lee Canyon Ski Resort is located just off the 95 fwy, 30 minutes North West of Las Vegas, Nevada. This beautiful ski & snowboard resort is the perfect day getaway for any Las Vegas local or anyone looking to do something different while visiting Las Vegas.

Snowboard/Ski Resort

Every year for the past 8+ years I have lived in Vegas, my friends and I have frequented this ski resort. Whether it be for a fun day of sledding or an adventurous day skiing. Normally for the holidays, I am in California, but this year we stayed home and decided to go skiing on January 3rd to be ultra specific.

Well, much to our surprise, this place was packed!!!ย Throughout all of the years we have come here to ski, there has always been a consistent amount of people on the slopes, but never an overwhelming amount. SIDE NOTE: Lee Canyon is a smaller ski resort, not nearly as big as Park City or Mammoth. I would say it’s a tad bit smaller than Snow Summit if you have ever been there, so during the season it’s never really unbearably packed. That is until this day!!!

I asked the employees and quickly learned that from December 20th – January 15th, the slopes are just completely filled! It is easily their busiest time to visit. Aaaaand of course we had to learn this the hard way. Many international visitors come to Las Vegas during Christmas and New Years and Lee Canyon happens to be on their tour of the city. And for good reason!


Renting Gear:

Lee Canyon offers ski, snowboard, boot, and sled rentals all at their lodge. If you are new to snow sports and want to attend a lesson, they offer those as well. I would recommend pre-ordering any rentals & lessons a day or two ahead online (if you are great at planning, do it a week or two ahead, they book out). ESPECIALLY if you plan on visiting during their busy time ( December 20th – January 15th). We went with some friends and their kiddos who needed to rent, and they were all sold out first thing in the morning, so we had to wait a few hours until someone renturned their rentals. This was an unusal situtaion becuase so many people use their rentals all day. Moral of that story is: pre-order those rentals!!


  • Scarce parking, but if you are okay with a little hike, then you can pay $10 for their designated spots.
  • Two options: Bring your own sled or go to their tiny tube area and rent a tube. The tubes are more ideal for younger kinds. 10+ years of age I would recommend to bring your own… you’ll have more fun!
  • There are designated sledding areas, but if you are feeling a bit adventurous, go to one of their parks and find a good trail. It will be less crowded and you can use their fire pit & picnic area for a fun day trip enjoying the snow!


Right at the entrance you will find a bar & grill. Not too many menu options, but still tasty and just what you need to fuel your body up. Chicken fingers, a chicken sandwich, a burger, and a few different styles of fries is what you’re going to get up there.

To be expected, their alcoholic beverages are very costly! 1 Michelada will run you about $8 and if you are looking for a drink to warm you up… lets say an irish coffee, well that is $10. If you are going up there on a budget, I would highly recommend NOT purchasing beverages from the bar.


I hope this article gave you a little insight on Lee Canyon, and that the next time you visit Vegas, you’ll make a detour and have a snow day! It is well worth it. As always, if you have any questions on a topic I may not have covered, don’t hesitate to reach out!!


Kara Duenas


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