Mia Reef All Inclusive Resort

Mexico: Mia Reef All Inclusive Resort

Hey guys and gals! Beachin’s first blog post was about Isla Mujeres, for those of you that never read it i’ll give you a quick recap… you’ll need it to understand this post. Cody, co-writer for Beachin’ Traveler, booked a wonderful trip to Isla Mujeres this last June. He is new to the whole planning out a trip (that is usually my area of expertise) so he decided to make it easy on himself and book an “all-inclusive” resort. Aaaaand that is how we ended up at Mia Reef!!!

Boy am I happy that he selected this place!! We had a wonderful time and many days didn’t even need to leave the resort. In all honesty, we could have stayed at the resort the entire 6 days we were there, but we figured it would be nice to see what Isla Mujeres had to offer. You know… since we flew a bunch of hours to get there and all. haha

The first day…

We arrived I was exhausted and jet lagged so we changed into our bathing suits and ran staright to the pool. There was a fun group of people lounging in the water chairs and cheering on the volleyball game that had just begun. The resort has numerous wataer activities throughout the afternoon into the evening so if you miss one, just wait an hour and you can join in another!! Cody decided he would play volleyball and I made my way to the swim up bar.

The pool bar was fully staffed and offered everything the other bars on site offered. I could not believe how quickly the staff members were there when you were running low on their tasty tropical drinks!! We never went hungry or thirsty at this resort.


Luckily, I was able to catch a picture of the pool empty, but this was at 6am. The perfect spot to soak up the sun and order bottomless drinks.


The view of Mia Reef from the water

Crystal clear waters, warm sunshine, and great people helped add to this perfect vacation. Now when you think all-inclusive you are most likely thinking drinks and food, but not here. Right next to the pool is an activity room where you can rent kayaks, snorkels, and more free of charge!!! Well we defintely took full advantage of that; every day we snorkeled around the hotel. There were stingrays, endless amounts of bright and colorful fish, and lots of coral reef.

On our instagram you can find videos from the GoPro of our snorkeling adventures!!

There was soooo much to do and so little time… yes even with a 6 night stay. It always happened that at dusk we would be out by the lounge chairs eating dinner and taking in the beauty around. After a filling and delicious meal there are numerous path’s you can take to watch the sunset.


Now the sun has set and the enetertainment begins!! Remember earlier how I said that Mia Reef has activities going on all the time, I wasn’t joking!! When you arrive they habd you a calender of events and activities that happen throughout your stay. One every hour on the hour it seems. My favorite was the music and dance shows at night. Sit back and watch them preform dances from differnt hispanic cultures… i.e. Cuban night, Columbian, Mexican, and sooo many more.


The staff at Mia Reef were all incredible, hardworking, kind, fun-loving, and very cleanly people. Service was instant and the team members in every department were out of this world UH-mazing!!! We are true fans of thiss resort and have already begun telling everyone we know about it. I will defintely return!!






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