Millerton Lake

Kern County

If you haven’t ever been to Millerton Lake, and have ever thought about camping, fishing, or boating somewhere in Central – Northern California, this post will be a great read for you! Just 45 minutes past Fresno is a very large lake that many people visit year-round, but especially during the warmer Spring and Summer months. One of the first things you are going to want to do is reserve your camping spot if you are planning on staying the night. Spots get taken up quite quickly, so do it as early as possible. There are spots right on the water, which are the best considering you get to wake up and have your morning coffee with your feet dangling in the water!

There are lots of water activities that go on here because it is such a big, open lake. If you have a boat and don’t mind towing it up there from wherever you’re coming from, then I recommend it. It is always more fun to have a boat and let the kids go tubing, wakeboarding, or just drive around and check out more cool spots. If you are more into just relaxing on the beach, there are a few extra great camping spots with almost hidden beaches and private coves.

On the other hand,

if you are a big fisher, then don’t forget your poles! Not to say you are going to catch much, but it’s worth a try! Now, I am going to be frank, either there aren’t very many fish in Millerton Lake, we are using the wrong bait, or we just suck at fishing! No, we don’t suck at fishing, we fish quite often actually, but for some reason, we don’t have the best luck at this specific lake. A few of us caught some Rainbow and Brown Trout, but nothing really worthy of keeping, just catch and release. We used assorted trout baits, including Power bait and Salmon Eggs.

We also used a variety of baits that usually catch catfish left and right, but to no avail. Spinners and jumpers, nada. The only thing I can think of that we could have been missing out on was Live Bait. If you do head up there, bring everything you have, plus stop at a store on the way and grab some Night Crawlers or even try some frozen Anchovies. Good Luck either way, I think you will do better than we did. Side Note: We did go in the dead heat of the Summer, so maybe the fish were just too deep for the warm, shallow waters off the shore.

The weather up in this area of California is very warm during the Summer. Two years ago, we tent camped and sweat all night because of how hot it was. This year Mother Nature was on our side and we slept more comfortably than we at home. It all depends on the weekend you go, but either way, it will be hot during the day, so pack accordingly and be sure to bring tons of sunscreen.

Also, whenever camping, always bring pajamas and an extra blanket, because you never know when the weather can change and try to freeze you out! Don’t let this scare you away though, it’s part of the fun of camping and being out in the wild!

Anyways, if you live in the area, or within a few hours drive, we do recommend taking a camping trip to Millerton Lake. Bring the dogs, the kids, and even your cousins! We did. The more the merrier. It was a blast overall; there’s a reason we keep going back each year for more fun! Thanks for reading and if you have any questions, be sure to leave it in the Comments section below! Thanks again!





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