My Morning Routine + Why I’m a Morning Person

Good Morning!

Today I wanted to talk about my favorite part of the day: mornings. I know, I know, most people will say that they are NOT a morning person, but I genuinely love them! It’s cooler outside, quieter in the mornings, and I have some time to myself. So, today I thought I’d go over my *ideal* morning routine and maybe inspire you to make one, too.

Why have a morning routine?

Your days will be more productive. You’ll be happier because you’re getting stuff DONE! It opens your mind up to begin expressing more gratitude for the little things. Not convinced yet? You should be. Let me walk you through my morning routine and just maybe it will help you figure out what’ll work best for you!

1. Rise and Shine!

I like to wake up between 5:15 am and 5:45 am. The best part about this is that no one in my household is up this early so I have the freedom to do whatever I wish.

As I lay in bed slowly opening my eyes, I like to list the things I am gratedul for. Some days it is a few little things like the brisk autumn air coming through my window or strong, hot cup of coffee i’m about to enjoy. If you do this before you begin each day, you will notice that you feel more grateful for every aspect of your precious life.

2. Stretch It Out!

SONY DSCI love the feeling of a good stretch, first thing. Anyone heard of bed yoga? Well it is magical. There are so many positions you can do before bed to ease you into a good deep sleep and other positions to wake your body up. There’s no going back to bed after a good stretch session!

3. Hydrate

Hydration is key people!! Something I say a lot… So much that that I’m sure many of you are sick of it by now, but I promise you that if your body is properly hydrated, your problem will probably be solved ( i.e. acne, dry skin, lack of energy, headaches, and etc.).

I try and drink a big glass of lemon water first thing. Yeah, yeah I know i’m supposed to drink it before my coffee, but I’m working on that…

4. Plan The Day

Time for me to get a game plan of what needs to be accomplished today. I’ll open up


my planner, write down everything I need to do for the day, how I plan on getting it done, and what my plan of action is. This is super beneficial for getting the day started on the right foot!

5. Time To Grub!

Okay I’ll admit, I am not a breakfast lover. I try and avoid it , but my fiance is pretty good about keeping me on track with this one.

Starting the day with a meal provides your body with the proper nutrients it needs to create energy and keep you moving towards your daily goals!

6. It’s Yoga O’Clock!

I don’t always do a full yoga sesh, but every day I make it mandatory to go through the entire sun salutations an a 10 minute shoulder opener routine. Yoga Isla Mueres Kara Duenas

For mornings I’m not in the mood for a yoga class, I will throw on a free yoga sequence on YouTube. You can check out my favorite ones in this article.

7. Get Your A$$ To Work!

By this time, I have awoken all my senses, brought awareness of my blessings, and made a thorough plan of attack for the day. All I have left is to get dressed and be on my way!

It’s Your Turn!

While it’s not an overly complicated morning routine, it is simple and easy to stick with. It’s not an overwhelming amount of steps that lead me to feel like there are a list of chores. This is a system that anyone (hint, hint) can easily adapt to their unique lifestyle.

Remember life is about balance, and it always works out the way it is supposed to. So don’t beat yourself up if you aren’t able to hit every mark you have planned for the day.

Many of you might be thinking, ” How in the world does she do all this before work at 8am?” Well I promise you, it is possible!

Are you a morning person or a night owl? Share in the comment section below!




8 thoughts on “My Morning Routine + Why I’m a Morning Person

  1. Yeah I’m more of a night owl, but recently my shift at work switched to days and I’ve been struggling. Lol! I’ll defintely be using your advice to help me transition. I’ll keep you posted!

  2. Stretch. IT. OUT. That’s the best advice yet, I love a good stretch first thing in the am.

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