Nevada: Mt. Charleston

Mount Charleston aka Spring Mountains National Recreation Area of the Humboldt -Toiyabe National Forest

To most visiting, Vegas is all about gambling, nightlife, and good food. To locals it is  about getting outside and enjoying our many beautiful recreation areas. Mt. Charleston is just one of them, but is a favorite due to the fact that you can enjoy this spot year round. When it is in the triple digits on the strip, it’s usually in the low to mid 80’s up there.

Located just over 30 miles NorthWest of Las Vegas you can enjoy the cool mountain fresh air at Mount Charleston from 3,000 to 12,000 feet up.

Juniper trees, Ponderosa Pines, and Aspens are just a few of what Mt. Charleston has to offer.  Being as it is only a 30 minute drive we frequent this place year round. Usually to take the dogs on a nice hike and enjoy the cooler weather, but sometimes just to picnic. During your hike – don’t be surprised to see deer, desert tortoises, and even songbirds. This place is full of beautiful wildlife!

Let’s Go For A Hike!

There are over 50 miles of hiking trails so grab your water and let’s go! Each hike has a little something different to offer – waterfalls, forests, and wildflowers will easily help you to forget that you are right outside of Las Vegas.

Favorite Hikes:

  • Mary Jane Falls ( EASY) – This hike is ideal for a beginner and the perfect family hike that only takes about an hour. Depending on the season you might be able to enjoy the waterfall!
  • Fletcher Canyon ( Easy) – Another perfect hike for the family! Beautiful rock walls that go up to 100 feet. If you are looking for a simple hike that won’t take long then this one is it!
  • Big Falls ( Strenuous) – Seasonal waterfall and gorgeous views, this half day hike is great for those experienced hikers. Unlike the other trails, this one is not marked nor maintained so be careful!

Getting Hungry?

As for shops and restaurants, there aren’t many options once you get to there so before you hit the base, make sure you’ve got enough gas and any extras you may want for the day.  I would recommend eating at the Mt. Charleston Lodge. Beautiful views from your table, an outdoor seating area, great food options, and even better cocktails this place is a winner!


Prefer to bring your own food and have a picnic?! The Cathedral Rock Picnic Area can be found at the end of Kyle Canyon Road and has picnic tables and restrooms.


The next time you make your way to Las Vegas, plan to explore all that this city has to offer off of the strip! I hope this article was helpful and would love to know your experiences at Mt. Charleston!! Comment them below


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