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Those of you that follow me closely know that I love my dogs more than a baby loves their binky. And for those that read my post a few weeks ago about what I feed my dogs, know that I only give them the best food on the market – Pet Plate. This has been my clear go-to dog food for the last month, since I found out about them! As you know, I am always on the go, from work site to site and just don’t always have the time or energy to cook for the fur babies when I get home. And I refuse to give them normal dry/wet dog food; if I don’t eat it, they don’t eat it, it just isn’t fair to give them that crap.

So, anyways, Pet Plate is literally the best option on the market, in terms of quality, nutrition, taste, and value; plus, they like it better than when I cook for them [let’s be honest, I’m not a chef, cereal IS cooking!], so it’s a win-win for everyone! If you missed my last post about them, I am going to explain it some more here, and some obvious reasons why you need to make the switch from whatever your pups are eating to Pet Plate today, before your dog bites you on the butt for feeding them junk (dry/wet) food.


NYE Resolution!

With the New Year upon us, many of us set New Year’s Resolutions. It is important to remember that if your doggos knew they were supposed to make a resolution, they would definitely participate in it with you, so why not make a resolution for them! A team resolution! How about making it to start eating healthier! You eat more veggies and less processed food, and start feeding your pups real, human-grade food! Plus, when you go with Pet Plate, you don’t have to cook at all! It’s even easier than how you’re feeding them now, except they will be getting the deliciousness and nutritiousness they deserve!  If you caught that nutritiousness isn’t a word, you get +1 English point!

Healthy, Healthy Puppies!

We all want our fur babies to live as long as possible, and the best way to do that is the same way humans do! Eat healthy and exercise regularly! It is as simple as that. As the old adage goes, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” which explains that you need to eat your nutrients to make sure you don’t get sick. The same goes for your pups, and Pet Plate is literally the healthiest option on the market. They actually have Veterinary nutritionists verifying the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that should be in there, along with chefs [freaking chefs!] making the meals delicious for them. Look, I don’t get paid from Pet Plate if you go buy it – I actually, literally, really, truly love the company and truthfully recommend them for all the reasons so far and even more! They use 100% REAL hooman-grade ingredients, USDA-Certified meats, FRESH fruits and veggies, ZERO meat by-products, ZERO preservatives, and LOTS of love!

Ease of Use

This is how do it:

1. Order Pet Plate by going to

2. When you get your package in the mail, take pictures and post them! [Duhhh].

3. Unbox and put a few meals in the fridge, and the rest in the freezer. You can defrost each day!

4. Show your doggy(s) what you got them and watch them get overly excited!

6. Let them eat it all up!

Well, not all of it! Make sure to read the label so you know how much to give your dog, it is based on their weight. If you noticed I skipped #5, you get another +1 point. If you are at 2 points, you get 50% off your first order! Just kidding, everyone get’s 50% their first order! You know I love Pet Plate, and now you know how much, I contacted them to get you a huge discount so everyone and their pup can be happy and healthy, and that warms my heart! To get your discount, just scroll down a little and it will be at the bottom of this post!

Oh, I almost forgot, if you are travelling, this is the easiest dog food to use! It is real food, so remember to put it in an ice chest, or if your camping in an RV, put a few in the fridge. Plus, you don’t have to bring their food bowls, they can eat it straight out of the resealable tub! I love this stuff, they can’t get enough, and I couldn’t recommend it more!!

Thanks for reading and I really hope you give Pet Plate a try. If not for yourself, do it for your pups. It really is a beautiful company that put tons of hard work into getting better options on the market for the doggies in the world! Be sure to leave a comment if you ordered, or if you’ve had Pet Plate before! I love hearing your stories! I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day!!

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Kara Duenas