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For those of you who haven’t seen mysocial media posts yet, we have a new addition to the family. Drum roll please A new puppy! I know, I know, our house was basically a zoo to begin with, how can we possibly get a new puppy?! Well, it’s quite simple actually, umm he’s a freakin’ PUPPY! And a cute one at that! He is a Doberman Pinscher that weighed about 10 pounds the day I brought him home. Now he weighs in at 19 tough, muscly pounds. Lol. Just kidding, he is such a goofy, cute little pup. The muscle is coming though, they said he could end up being 100 lbs! Eeeeek! Anyhow, if you haven’t guessed yet, this post is going to be about our favorite dog food, Pet Plate! Yay! In this post, you can read on to find some of themajor health benefits of feeding your dogsreal food (Pet Plate) vs. nasty dry food (yuckkk).

You Know What It Is

This is one of the biggest benefits of all! Some of these dog food companies have hundreds of ingredients, 3 of which you can pronounce, and the rest are not only hard to read, they are probably hard to digest too. They’re a mystery unless you spend hours looking eachingredient up online! Why would you go through that? And even more importantly, why would you let your fur babies eat it?! I am sure you wouldn’t eat those ingredients, so don’t make them. Get them real food, made from ingredients you can read and understand.

Protein Sources Are Not Approved

Like above, dry food is once again the sketchiest of the options. Since dry kibble is cooked at such insane temperatures, it’s often made from proteinsthat weren’t approved for human consumption. That means dry food is made with super low-quality meats. That is so unacceptable. Once again, with realhuman-grade youknow exactly what is in there. Pet Plate is literally the easiest way to go about it. Once in a while, when I am in between Pet Plate orders, I will cook them real food, and let me tell you, it is SO
much easier to go with Pet Plate, and believe it or not, they like Pet Plate MORE than my cooking. Well, I guess that isn’t too hard to believe Lol. But really, when they hear or see me grabbing/opening their Pet Plate, they freak out like the dogs in the commercials. Lol!

Real food is the best way to ensure a long, healthy life for your pups! On the puppy note – please check with your vet to find out when you can start feeding fresh-cooked food to your puppy. Pet Plate is approved for all life stages, but it is always best to check with your vet to make sure you do what is right for your pup.


The only way to know for sure that you are helping your dog with their digestion is by knowing how much of each ingredient they are eating. One of the things that dry food doesn’t list in their ingredients is how much of each ingredient they are using. They DO list how much protein they are including, but they don’t specify how much of EACH one. Similarly, if you see broccoli, carrots, etc., they could just be saying that, but only adding a miniscule amount! Do your research, make your own food, or work smarter, not harder and order yourself some Pet Plate. Hehe.

Now, I know I talk aboutPet Plate a lot, but it’s for a goodreason. I really, truly believe in their product and I know first hand thatit is better for your dogs in every single way. Pupslike it better, it is healthier for them, it’s easier for you, and in the long run, a healthy, nutrient rich diet is what is going to keep them living as long as possible. Don’t wait until it’s too late, get them on a healthy diet, a REAL FOOD diet now, and let them be as happy as they can be! I don’t want to be a downer, but some people just don’t take health seriously and I gotta whip ‘em into shape! Lol. Okay, on top of everything I listed
above, here is a list of
the key benefits of Pet Plate for my pups. I can verify it myself, or you can come over and ask Nala or Lacey yourself, but be ready, you may have to slip them a heaping spoonful of Pet Plate to get them to talk! 😊
Healthier weight
Allergy relief
Healthier Coat
Less stress
More snuggles
More energy
Meal-time excitement
Cleaner dishes

If that isn’t enough, I don’t know what is. They really do clean their bowls. They really do have more energy. They really do get tons of benefits from it. And so do you; it is way easier than cooking and you can feed your babies in a jiffy. Step your game up and get on the Pet Plate train. It’s real, super healthy, human-grade, andcrafted for them by a chef, so the dogs absolutely LOVE how it tastes. Yeah, it’s that time. Just do it.


9 thoughts on “Pet Plate

  1. Hmmm… that’s interesting that puppies can’t have Pet Plate. I wonder if the puppy food you are meant to feed them has special nutrients and higher calories for them. Thanks for sharing Kara!

    1. Yeah, puppies require a high calorie intake and special nutrients. Pet Plate is still nutritious and beneficial, but it’s better to ease their tummies into it by feeding them kibbles until they are 6 months then transition them over. Xx

  2. This stuff sounds great! My dog, unfortunately, is getting older so I’m going to give him this and see if it will help manage his weight.

    1. It helped my older dog drop a few pounds and get to a healthy weight! Pet Plate asks you a bunch of questions regarding your dog’s current health and daily routine to create a personalized plan for each pup! It is so wonderful! My oldest dog eats about 1,100 calories a day whereas y younger dog eats 1,600… oh yeah you read that right. Big difference, but one is also much more active… can you guess which one? lol I highly recommend them, give it a shot and lmk how it goes! xx

  3. I’m so thankful you shared this!! I just ordered my baby girl some and much to my surprise it is cheaper than what I spend on the dry food. Which, thanks to you, now I know that it has basically no nutritional value… unlike Pet Plate. I can’t wait to see if she likes it.

  4. Great article, but I am struggling with trying to purchasing it. I clicked the photo above and it keeps directing me to a page that says the link isn’t working. Help, please! haha 🙂

    1. Hi Dixie!

      I contacted Pet Plate and they said their site is back up and working! You are all set to place an order. Thanks for letting me know.

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