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South Dakota: Prairie Berry Winery

Prairie Berry Winery

While on our road trip to Sturgis, SD, we tried venturing out as much as possible and really inviting the environment into our lives. There is a city next to Sturgis called Hill City, which has a couple cool places to visit and see. One of those places is the Prairie Berry Winery. On the way to the winery, you go through windy roads built through the forests, up the mountains, next to the streams, and around the lakes. It is a stunning drive/ride and we would do it again in a heartbeat.

Once you get to the winery, you can sample their wines for free, a subtle marketing trick to get you to find one you like and purchase a bottle or two. Don’t worry though, it doesn’t work. Just kidding, it works fantastically! The Prairie Berry Winery has a wide range of wines to choose from. They range from very dry to extra sweet, depending on your palette. Although you only get to choose 5 different wines to taste during the wine tasting experience. Which is definitely enough, considering they have descriptions of each wine, so you can choose the ones that you would enjoy the most.

The whole experience is an absolute blast.

You get to pick and choose which ones you would like to try. Some of the darker reds get paired with unbelievably delicious sausage or cheese. It is all such a delight. In addition to the wine tasting, they also have a food menu, which features elegant options, such as the Charcuterie Board (cured meat platter) and Soppressata and Artichoke Pizza. Back to the wines, two of our favorites were the Anna Pesa Meritage and the Wild Plum Fusion. The Meritage is a red, dry, and bold flavored wine, and the Plum Fusion is more on the sweeter side, but not overly sugary, and best served chilled. Don’t feel obligated to try these, but they are both great wines, so be “more inclined.”

A few more things to try while you are there are the Frost Bite and the Compotes.

The Compotes are on a table near the middle of the tasting room and are self-serve. They provide pretzels to taste them with, which really helps get the most of the flavors, putting sweet and salty together. Our favorite Compote was the Kick-Ass Compote, which is their Raspberry Rhubarb flavor, mixed with a little Jalapeno, which gives it the “Kick-Ass.” On the other hand, their Frost Bite is something completely different. It is a dry mixture of sugar, tea, and a few other ingredients that you mix with a bottle of wine and a bottle of water. You then freeze the mixture for 6 hours, stir it and serve. It turns into this incredibly delicious icy mixture, similar to the texture of a snow cone. The sugary mixture with the dry red wine you blend with it is to die for. After tasting a sample or two of the Frost Bite, we walked out at least 2 packets.

For those of you that have already been to Prairie Berry Winery, please let us know what your favorites are and what your experience was like. If you haven’t been or want to plan a trip, let us know your thoughts in the Comments section below! We are always excited to get some feedback and interact with everyone! Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoyed!



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