PRO TIPS: Road Tripping with Pets

Planning a trip with your fur baby?

One of the best ways to travel long distance is with your bestest of friends! Not your human best friend, they just complain the whole time about how you are “ruining the song.” Psh. Lame! Invite your furry friend to join you on your road trip! They are always excited to see a new place and many of them love to travel as well! One of my dogs jumps in the car as soon as the door opens, and the other has to be drug out of the house to get in the car! Lol. I don’t travel anywhere without them, so after years and years of driving over 250 miles each way every week or so, I have tons of experience and tips to give you on traveling with your pets! Let’s dive right in!


Plan your gas stops:

This one may seem obvious, but most people forget to do it! Your pups will need to use the restroom just like you do, so try to find a gas station that has some grass or dirt so they can wander around (on a leash), and get a chance at using the restroom. Also, this is important in the Summer, since the asphalt can be so hot, look for a place that has grass or a covering so they don’t burn their little feetsies.


If it’s a long drive, plan your hotel stay ahead of time:

Again, this may seem obvious, but people tend to forget the little things on long trips because they are focused on so many of the major things like gas, what to pack, what they are forgetting (that’s me LOL), or directions for where their stops are. Finding a hotel that allows your pets is what I am getting at. Some hotels do allow pets, but sometimes have a size or weight limit so be sure to call and ask ahead of time. If you can’t find a hotel that will accommodate, look for any of these options – motels, friends’ homes, family members homes, hostel, a lodge, or even sleeping in your car. Anything works as long as you guys are comfy and together.


Products that help:

This is a list of items that I use periodically or on every single trip. Either way, I suggest and recommend them for your trips, even if you rarely take them on road trips (which I think is mean, and you should take them more often). So anyways, check these out and I am sure you will like them! The first three are like mandatory, but the last three are just recommended. Lol.

  1. Collapsible Water Bowl – These are an absolute MUST. We have like 3 or 4 and leave one in every car AND in their doggy bag (for beach trips and stuff). They fold flat and are so, so easy. We clip them to the dog’s harness and make them carry it too, so it isn’t like you are packing extra at all!
  2. Dog Harness – Another MUST have; we don’t go anywhere without them wearing their harnesses. It gives you so much more control over walking them, plus when they are excited, they won’t be choking themselves.
  3. Seat Covers/Hammock – Omg. My big ‘ol dogs use to tear my leather seats up! Not on purpose, and they don’t really even dig in, but over time, the small scratches here and there add up and beat up your seats. This hammock cover not only protects your seats, but also makes it so much easier for them to move around in the back. It doubles their walking and laying space, while also protecting whatever you pack underneath it/behind the front seats. Like I said, a must-buy.
  4. Poop Bags – These are for the dogs that poo a lot, and have to go when you stop. It is so much easier to have these handy than to have to use your handsies. HAHA! Just kidding. Don’t use your hands, buy the bags LMAO.

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Thanks for reading and leave your comments section down below. Oh, and if you have any travel tips, be sure to leave them below as well, we all would love to hear from them and learn!! See ya!


Kara Duenas


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