International Travel… The do’s, don’ts, and the product must haves!


Traveling Internationally can be overwhelming, exhausting, and fairly confusing. These past few years I have done my fair share of international travel. There has been MANY lessons learned and I want to share these with you… in hopes you won’t have to experience any of them.


  • DO – research your airline restrictions on carry-ons. Many of us are already aware of the TSA guidelines, but we often forget that airlines can have their own restrictions. For example: some allow you to bring 1 carry-on and 1 personal item, while others may limit you to only 1 personal item ( a purse). TSA allows you to bring mini 1 oz liquor bottles through security check, but not all airlines will let you bring them on the plane.
  • DO –  make all your required documentation easily accessible! I have a wallet that carries my passport, ID, money, and boarding passes. It also clips right onto the inside of my purse so it is easily accessible. Ladies, you know how frustrating it can be to find possesions in that black-hole of a thing we call a purse. You are going to have to pull out those items many times during your departure and arrival so do yourself a favor, take a look at the wallets I mention below! You’ll thank me later. 😉


  •  Don’t – over pack! I know, easier said than done, but over-packing will only stress you out in the long run. Look into your destination, will there be places to purchase things? If you answered yes to this, then just pack the necessities. Remember, you are on vacation! The downside to over-packing may end up costing you more in weight fees, hassle of a heavy bag, no room to bring back souvenirs, and more!

Products That Make International Travel A Breeze

Not sure what clothes to pack? Check out my past article here. In today’s post I’m only talking products and electronics that make your international travel a piece of cake.

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  • GoPro
    • YESSSSSSSSSSS! International Travel or even on a local trip, GoPro’s are a god send. These bad boys are fully waterproof (the newer models), they are easy enough to use for even the most technologically challenged person, and super portable! The accessory list is endless for them as well; whether you are going scuba diving, snorkeling, off-road racing, or for a bike ride, there is a cool additional part for purchase.  If you really want to up your Instagram game, just get yourself a GoPro and the Karma Drone.
  • Backpack with a Camelbak
    • Depending on what country you are traveling to, their water source might not meet our American standards. Always do your research ahead of time to find this out if this is relative to your destination. If so, purchase a few water bottles from your hotel and fill up your camelbak. You can explore the city and not worry about running out of fresh water. Not to mention, expandable backpacks are also nice to hold anything you want to purchase while out and about! Some Camelbak backpacks are designed for more water adventures. they have pockets that will separate your wet swimsuit from your dry goodies. Thus eliminating you having to purchase a drybag.
  • Passport holder/ wallet
    • Well you already know my thoughts on these… true believer! You’ll need to carry this everywhere with you while in another country, so make sure your passport holder can fit in the bag/purses you plan on carrying around with you.
  • hand sanitizer
    • You are traveling people, INTERNATIONALLY!! You will be susceptible to new bacteria, new disease, and new levels of low hygeine. Have you not people watched in an airport before?! If not, you should totally do it the next time you’re traveling… you’ll be grossed out. Okay back to the product aka hand sanitzer aka your travel bff! I often leave one in my purse, but when traveling it’s nice to make sure they are easily accessible. get yourself one that clips on the outside of your bag. This way you aren’t digging through your purse trying to find it after you touched something SUPER gross.

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Do you have any International Travel Tips or Products that you’d like to share? Comment below! Who knows, it may really help a fellow follower out!




6 thoughts on “International Travel… The do’s, don’ts, and the product must haves!

  1. Your tips are great! I read this article when it was first posted and then re-visited it recently before a trip and it was a lifesaver. Tysm!!

  2. Another DO: Learn Esperanto before your go, and then visit the local Esperanto clubs wherever you go.

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