Riley’s Apple Farm

Last week, I made my way to Riley’s Apple Farm to do some apple picking. This is not a tradition of mine, but more so me attempting to get in the Fall mood with our 90 degree weather here in Southern California. 🙁 It’s hard to trade in the bikini’s & flip-flops when it’s still perfect beach day weather, am I right?!

I had so much fun – walking around the beautiful farm grounds, drinking apple cider by the galloon ( yeah wish I was joking, ha!), and enjoying the cool, brisk weather.


Have you ever been apple picking before? Gosh, I had SO much fun! There is something so pleasing about picking the apple right off the tree and consuming it. Doesn’t get much fresher than that!

Where Is It Located?

Yucaipa, Ca. Where in the world is Yucaipa? Well go roughly 15 miles SouthEast of San Bernadino or 36 miles East of Los Angeles and you’ll find cooler weather, lush trees, and 10 miles of apple farms.

Is Apple Picking Their Only Acitivty?

No way! This festive place is packed with different activities for kids + adults of all ages. Some of the activities they had going on, the day we visited, were: candle making, archery, history tours, apple picking, pumpkin patch fun, petting zoo, and a bunch more!

Wether if you ar a foodie looking for some DELICIOUS fall favorites or a mom looking to keep your child entertained all day, this is the spot!

Admission: You pay per activity. If you wish to just walk around and take in the beautiful sights, then it’s free!

I’m a little obsessed with animal… you might have already known that. he, he! This place not only has beautiful farm animals, but it allows you to bring your pups! We unfortunately did not since we decided to ride the Harley out there. Next time they are coming with!



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