ROAD TRIP Edition: LA to Palm Springs

Where to stop on a drive from LA to Palm Springs

Tens of thousands travel from Los Angeles to Palm Springs every single weekend for a little getaway. And rightfully so! Los Angeles, as beautiful as it is, can get overly hectic really quickly… And Palm Springs is the perfect little blissful getaway from all of it. Since so many make the trip, I decided to let you all know where the best stops are along the way. Instead of just hitting the road with the pedal to the metal, on your next trip, cruise on down to these places and enjoy your travels. Make the most of your WHOLE trip, driving and all!


So many people have heard about it, and even passed it on the freeway, but just haven’t rounded up the courage to face the dinosaurs. Or maybe you haven’t been to California, you’ve just heard the song ‘How Bizarre’ and misheard the lyrics like almost everyone else in the world and thought he said ‘Cabazon, Cabazon’ hehehe. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Click here and you will.

Anyhow! Cabazon is pretty cool! It is home to World’s largest dinosaurs. They are totally worth the pictures and experience you get out of it. Especially for only $13.00. Less for Kids, Seniors, and Military. I remember going there as a kid and getting to see it from the ground and from the helicopter. But I don’t know if they offer that specific tour anymore! Or maybe that was from a completely different tour company. Who knows? I was young, don’t make fun of me!

Also, in Cabazon is the outlets that many people drive down specifically for. The outlets that are host to 20 different stores and right next to another outlet center – Desert Hills Premium Outlets with a ton more stores. If you’re into shopping, this is a must see.

Morongo Casino

This is one of the best casinos in the Southern California area. Not only because you just have to be 18 to gamble, but also because it is such a beautiful casino. From like 7 miles away, you see it and are in awe. The closer you get, the prettier it gets, especially once it starts to get dark out. There is just something about a huge metal and glass structure against the desert background. Note: I am not saying you should stop to gamble, but if you do gamble, this is a pretty place to do it. Lol.

Windmill Farm

Once again, if you have ever driven to Palm Springs from LA, then you already know this one, but if you haven’t, there are thousands of windmills setup beautifully right off the freeway. This is a super fun place to take pictures as well, and is definitely worth the stop to slow down your trip and get into vacation mode.


Kara Duenas


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  1. Well written post! I have always passed Cabazon on my roadtrips that way, and never really thought about stopping until I had kids. I guess now I will make the stop for them, they can take pics with the TRex and such! Thanks for the info!

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