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San Juan Islands

This is going to be one of my favorite posts to write. In fact, I will probably write multiple posts since the San Juan Islands is a grouping of different islands. All of which are my favorite (btw), so try to keep up with my excitement! First of all, the San Juan Islands are an archipelago in the state of Washington. You may be wondering; well how do you know about the San Juan Islands?! I know of them because my grandparents retired and moved to one of the islands on a whim – Lopez Island. No, they aren’t filthy rich; they worked hard for their money and sold their house they lived in for over 20 years to buy the ocean-view house they now live in, which is on a freaking island!

You might be imagining a tropical island like Hawaii, but instead, imagine rural Pacific Northwest landscape and lots of wildlife. The feeling on any of these islands is vastly dissimilar than the feeling you would have on Hawaii. Now, there are over 150 islands in the area, but I am only going to discuss the ones that the Ferry goes to, San Juan Island (which contains Friday Harbor), Shaw Island, Orcas Island, and Lopez Island. Each island has a little bit different feel to it, and needs to be visited at least once to know which is your favorite.


How do I Get There?

All of these islands are actual islands that you need to either take a boat, a Ferry ride, or a Seaplane to and from. They aren’t swimming distance by any means. Don’t forget, these waters are shared with Alaska, so they are cold to say the least. Don’t let that get you down though, the Ferry is inexpensive and quite a beautiful ride. In fact, it was my first time on a Ferry. When I arrived, I payed for my ticket and waited in my car until boarding was ready. They guide you onto the Ferry (by you, I mean you and your vehicle), and you drive onto this huge boat! Once you’re on and parked, you can walk around, get a drink or some food, or be like me and sit at the far front & back absorbing every gorgeous sight that can be engrossed. The Ferry ride alone is one of my favorite parts about visiting the San Juan Islands, oops, I mean Grandma and Grandpa! Lol.

At What Islands Will You End Up?

Once the Ferry arrives at whichever island you chose to visit, you get back in your vehicle and drive right off onto the island. Before going, I suggest figuring out what you are going to do and planning out your trip. Since you will probably only be there for the day, it’s best to have your day planned so you can make the most of the time you have. Like I said earlier, I am going to have to write more posts, probably one for each island so maybe in the near future, you can plan your whole San Juan Islands trip right here on our website! In fact, if you wanted to make a road trip out there from either Southern California or Southern Nevada, there will be a post about that in the future as well! I love road trips (as you can see), so as always, I recommend them over flying if possible.

If visiting the San Juan Islands is something that you may be interested in [which I HIGHLY recommend], then be sure to Subscribe. There will be more posts to come so stay tuned! Thanks for reading!



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