Hey Guys!

Every day I receive  direct messages and emails from you all requesting info on where I purchased the outfits and products I post about. Sooooo I decided to dedicate an entire page for you to shop products I have personally used and recommend! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you are looking for an item that isn’t on here.


If you prefer to shop by outfit, you can do so through my pinterests board. Click HERE


I am an avid Amazon Prime customer… okay who am I kidding, it’s more than avid. ha, ha! I lead a busy lifestyle and am always on the go so getting time to walk around the mall and shop or even a trip to the grocery store is precious time wasted to me. Instead I just opt in for shopping through my Amazon app. I can do it anywhere: at the airport, on the plane, while on a lunch break, well you get the jist of it. It is super easy and convenient! Not to mention I can have items delivered to my door in as soon as 1 hour (Amazon NOW).

Now that I’ve spilled the beans on my obsession, I wanted to share several Amazon lists that I have put together of my top products. These are all products I would order again and I feel comfortable recommending them to you!

Take Me To AMAZON