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Solo Traveler Hotel Tips

I started traveling when I was just a kid. Often for my parents work, but as I got older, more so for curiosity and pleasure. Around the age of 19 I began working as a promotional model, causing me to travel often and using the room for the bare necessaties. They would fly us in Friday evening, we would work all day Saturday, and then fly back out Sunday. So the room requirements were close to none.

Now at 28 years old, I’m a seasoned professional when it comes to traveling. And these days I rarely travel for work.

When you are young and/or new to traveling, you tend to not care as much about the hotel selection. That has changed for me as I got older.

I’ve learned SO much from traveling in regards to hotels and resorts that now I know quite a bit of tips & tricks that you will find beneficial, ESPECIALLY if you are a solo traveler.

1. Do Your Research!

Knowledge is power. Before traveling and selecting your hotel, educate yourself on the surrounding environment. Is it a good neighborhood? Is it safe for solo female travelers? What are the reviews on the hotel? It’s always safer if you know the full extent of your situation before diving on in!

2. Be Kind To The Hotel Staff

This should just be common knowledge, but I’d like to remind y’all anyways. A kind and considerate person will get treated better than a rude and bitter person… those negative Nancy’s tend to get what’s coming for them.

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask

Sometimes when I am traveling a lot and bouncing between cities I might forget something like floss or a razor. It’s okay because most hotels offer those for free or for a small charge! This goes hand in hand with bing nice initially. If you are kind, they may be more willing to help ya out!

3. Sanitize Your Room

You might be sadly mistaken if you think that housekeeping cleans and sanitizes each and every hotel room as if they were cleaning their own home. Yeah not likely!! Hotel rooms are actually pretty gross. Those beautiful, decorative bed covers don’t always get wasahed in between each new guest. I will immediately turn them down, like all the way down to the bottom of my bed. Ha, Ha!

Wear your socks, if not your socks and shoes, the entire time you are in the room. When was the last time they steam cleaned those carpets and who knows if the dude before you had athletes foot or not. YUCK! Hotel remotes are the dirtiest things in every room. They do not wipe these down, EVER. So I often bring dysinfectant wipes with me and I’ll give it a good wipe down. I did share a room with a co-worker one time that used the shower cap as a remote cover. It worked pretty well and if you are one of those peope aka cootie queens, then this might be a good additional step for you to take.

5. Bring Your Own Pillowcase

Some off you might be thinking I’m crazy here, but those sheets can tend to be a little rough at some hotels. Not only that, they are cleaned in heavy amounts of bleach which can irritate sensitive skin. I bring a travel pillow case because I am one of those sesnsitive skin people and silk pillowcases are SO much better for our hair, let’s be real!

5. Always Make Sure Your Room Is Locked

This is a big one!! With how many sketch places I have stayed at and how many times I have stayed alone in a hotel for work, I am always on guard. I could tell you so many stories from first hand experiences to fellow promotional models travel nightmares. I might need to write a 3 part series about these. 😉 What do you all think? Yes? No? Let me know in the comment section.

Okay back on track. Whenever you enter or exit your room, make sure the door completely closes behind you and that it is locked. There are additional safety products you can buy to secure the door if you wish. My mom has bought me a few. lol I will link them at the bottom of this article. Avoid being on your phone when you’re entering your room because there have been some crazy stories of traveler’s getting blindsided after entering their room.

7. Depend On Housekkeeping For As Little As Possible

I try no to rely on housekeeping for much while I’m there. We pick up after ourselves on a daily basis so why is it hard to do so while on vacation? Inviting them in less, decreases the likelihood of your items getting stolen, lot, or them getting ahold of any personal information. I am not saying that all housekeepers are not trust worthy, but by continuously inviting random people in increases your odds of something happeneing. If you need extra towles that bad, give them a ring and have them deliver it to your room, while you are there.

Also these days I have been seeing more male housekeepers so by welcoming them into your room they become aware that you are a single female traveling alone. Not the safest decision.

8. Buy Your Water & Snacks Elsewhere

There has been may times when traveling that I haven woke up in the middle of the night thirsty and said, ” Oh F$&k it, I’m going to drink that $5 bottle of water.” Then the next morning I beat myself up over it. Don’t give in to their over-priced snack and beverage selection. Go prepared. I will stop at the local grocery store or even a gas station sometimes – stocking up on water, energy drinks, cheese, crackers, and other healthy snacks.

I know that not all rooms have a fridge, but often when you ask them politely they will provide you with one. Some places, I have heard, might have a small charge, but honestly I have never had this issue. Or if you prefer, pack up an ice chest… I do this 80% of the time as I often drive to my destinations.

9. Do Your Windows Lock?

This may seem like a silly question, but I have stayed in several rooms where, at the end of my trip, I found out the windows were never securely locked. At one of the hotels in New Orleans… NEAR THE PORT I might add… the window and sliding glass door were literally held shut by a shoe string. I wish I was kidding here. Another one of those nightmare travel stories I will have to share with you all in another post.

Do a good walk through when you arrive in your room. Make sure everthing securely locks and try to avoid first floor rooms.

10. Share Your Location

No, this does not mean tag your location on Facebook and mention that you are traveling alone people!!! Tell a parent, a spouse, your best friend, just make sure at least one responsible person knows where you are staying and for how long. It’s always beneficial to inform at least one person of your travel plans. I usually forward an itinerary to my mom so in case anything goes wrong, she knows where I’m staying and how to get in contact with me.

There ya go! Those are my top 10 solo traveler hotel tips. Hope they are able to help you out on your next trip.

I started this blog initially to educate people on travel, in hopes you guys + gals would never have to go through some of horrible experiences I have. Travel can be fun, but it isn’t as carefree as many of us are lead to believe. If you are a solo travler then there is even more pre-travel, during your trip, and post-travel checklists. Each and every Monday a new article goes up about a particular destination; costs, places to see, laces to avoid, and things to do. On Wednesday’s I often throw up a tips + tricks post in regards to all things travel. I am here to lend a helping hand! If you EVER have any questions on a particular location you may not see posted, do not hesitate to reach out. I would love to help you organzie a safe, stress-free, and fun vacay or business trip.

Safe Travels Friends!



12 thoughts on “Solo Traveler Hotel Tips

  1. Awesome tips! My wife is always traveling solo for work and I get worried so I will definitely be sharing this article with her. Keep up the great work, her and I enjoy all your articles!

  2. Kara you did a fantastic job with this article! You know how much I travel and use all these tips… thanks to you. So glad you have begun sharing all your travel knowledge. Keep it up!

  3. Just wanted to let you know that I recently went on a trip and used a handful of your recommendations. TYSM they made my trip so much less stressful and pleasant. You have some of the greatest traveling tips girl, thanks for sharing them.

    1. I am sooooo thrilled to hear that! Sharing my tips I always wonder how many people actually try them out. Thanks for your feedback, it means the world. Safe travels babe! Xx

  4. I actually never thought about bringing a pillow case with me. It wouldn’t take up any extra space, its surely clean, and it’s my own! I’ll never travel without one again lol. Great tip

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