Staying Sane and Staying Organized With A Lot On Your Plate

Happy Wednesday Friends!!!

Well, as many of you already know, I’ve got a LOT going on. For those of you that are new to the blog, here’s a brief rundown: Full time creative director, business owner, fur mama of 3 adorable rescues, Instagram influencer, a blogger, and still trying to have a personal life. Yeah, you can say that I have a full plate. The only way to stay sane with a life like this, is to STAY ORGANIZED.

Saying that I am a organizational freak, might be an understatement!! I love all things that make scheduling my life, simple. I’ve written out a few of my healthy organizational habits in hopes it can be of assistance to your busy life.


I’m talking digital planners, adorable paper planners, whatever your heart desires. OR whichever fits your lifestyle best. Personally I’m a HUGE fan of paper planners. I enjoy hand writing down every note and finding the perfect, super cute, paper planner is always so much fun! On the other hand, I travel quite often so I’ve become partial to using a digital planner; doesn’t take up space in my luggage and is always easily accessible … you know since my phone doesn’t ever leave my side. Lol

  1. Digital planners are always a good idea for those that are on-the-go, share their itinerary often, or like the breeze of having one less thing to carry. Throughout the years, I have used many different digital planners, each one of my clients has their preference, but my faves are:
    1. Asana: Super easy to use, customizable layouts for each person, make teams so your entire household can have their chore list, list of events, and to do’s, all in one place.
    2. Google Calendar: Sounds pretty obvious, but many people have yet to take advantage of all Google Calendar has to offer! It will sync between all Google apps ( duuuuh) and all electronic devices.

Make Your Bed

This may sound a bit silly, but making your bed each and every morning can make a BIG difference on how your day goes about. It not only makes the room look nicer, but it gives you a peace of mind. It truly does help set the mood for the day!

Straighten Up The House

Most of us are already a little behind in the morning so I know adding something like this can seem a little stressful, but I promise it’s worth it! Don’t pull out the cleaning supplies, yet! All you need to do is tiddy up the place a bit. While you’re at work, this will give you a peace of mind. No more stressing about your to do list when you get home.

Leaving with a clean house will also decrease your likelihood of losing objects under your massive laundry pile, that is just waiting to be folded. This is also a good habit to follow through at night, before bed too!

Complete One Task At A Time

I will admit, this was a BIG one for me! I am the queen of taking on too many projects, all at once, of course!! I would pile on the tasks with the same deadline and then have a super freak-out. Since working on this and only focusing on one thing at a time, I swear, I’ve become more productive and the results are SOOO much better than they were before.

Give yourself a break and focus on one project at a time. I know it’s easier said than done, but take my word for it, IT IS SO WORTH IT!!!

Empty That Inbox

Ugh. This can be a struggle for many… It for sure was for me, in the beginning! I was sooo behind that it was near impossible to ever catch up, but I buckled down, got serious, and kicked-ass one day with organizing my emails. If it’s possible for me to do, then I know you can do it! Each and every day I check 5 different email accounts. Why would anyone have that many active accounts… one word, work.

My work accounts had always come first, which made my personal one backed up and a tad bit crazy. Since I went through it, I make sure to keep up on it. Honestly, there is nothing better than answering all your emails by noon. You feel super accomplished and every time you stare at your phone, you aren’t haunted by that email app with triple digit notifications. It is one of those things, if you stay on top of it, it’s quick and painless, and ooooh so satisfying.

Make A To Do List

I’m sure you knew this was coming! I mean c’mon, how do you write a blog about organization and not have a section for to do lists?! IMPOSSIBLE.

I LOVE to do lists!! Once again this is something you can hand write or do digitally. I prefer making my to-do list on my cell. As I complete one of them I happily mark it off. If something is major or if I know I have a busy day ahead, I will set reminders on my phone. Reminders and alarms are for real my BBF’S.

Samsung comes with a google built in note section, but if you are looking for good to-do list apps, check out Asana and/or Wunderlist. Both are apps that can be downloaded on your cell, tablet, and laptop.


Get Yo-self Some Beauty Sleep

Without a good night’s rest, you will become lethargic and unproductive. You will notice a big difference in your productivity, positivity, and your skin ( YASSSSSS), from getting enough sleep. Think I’m crazy… get y-self some sleep and see the difference in your accomplishments.

Okay so my list could have gone on, and on, and on, but I ‘ve got other things to get done ;P so i’ll leave it here. What are you top ways to stay organized?





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