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Best Steaks in Palm Desert

For all you carnivores that love a good steak, here is a quick list of the best steaks in the Desert. When you come to visit and are treating yourself to a wonderful round of golf, go ahead and top it off with a perfectly seasoned and made steak for dinner. But also, for those of you who just aren’t feeling red meat, these restaurants also have other amazing food to choose from, so don’t be worried, it’s not purely meat. Anyhow, let me get right to it!

  1. Mastro’s Steakhouse

Many of you may have already heard of this, but for those of you who haven’t, it is pretty incredible. Keep in mind though, it is four $$$$, so it isn’t cheap. Sometimes, you get what you pay for, and the ambiance, dimmed lighting, bar-side live band, and amazing wait-staff all make it as great as it is. The Wagyu or Bone in Ribeye are two of the best cuts, but if you are really hungry, you can opt for the whopping 48 oz Porterhouse. But no matter which you choose, they are all really great and cooked beautifully.

  1. The Steakhouse at Agua Caliente

Believe it or not, one of the best steakhouses is inside the casino Agua Caliente. They are known for their humungous tomahawk Ribeye, that you can’t help but hold up like the Viking Warrior Princess you are, and pose for a crazy picture! That alone may be worth the price tag, but if not, don’t worry, the flavor that comes along with it is magnificent. Plus, you can gamble a little after dinner and try to make enough to plan your next trip!

  1. Lavender Bistro

This place is going to get its own post in the near future, but as for the steak, they do a fantastic job seasoning and preparing theirs. Go for the New York or the Black Angus Filet, either one will leave you smiling with a happy belly. The atmosphere here is so cute and quaint, you almost don’t want to leave! A must try for sure. P.S. I know this isn’t the steak, but look how beautiful the presentation is! Mmmmmmm.

The next time you come to the desert, I hope you get a chance to try at least one of these places, if not more than one! You will be happy you did, no doubt about it. They are top of the line restaurants with wonderful themes and employees. If you do come down and try them, be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below! I’d LOVE to hear about it! Thanks for reading!!



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