Stick With Your Resolutions!

Screenshot_20190118-141008_Instagram.jpgIs Traveling Messing With Your New Years Resolutions?

Hey guys!

Lately I’ve been receiving an overwhleming amount of questions from my followers about staying on my routine while I travel. Eating clean and fitness can easily get lost when you travel, but I don’t let it!

I have put together some of my fave tips below:

Pack Snacks

Bring food to the airport. Not only is airport food extremely overpriced, but there are limited healthy options. So pack yourself a goodie bag for the flight. You can check airport restrictions online.

Be The One To Suggest The Restaurant

Do a little research, heck go on yelp and type in healthy food. It’s that easy! When you are the one suggesting the food you are less likely to end up eating the food you are trying to avoid.

Locate the local grocery store

Some hotels have little kitchenettes so if you are lucky enough to be staying in one of these, stock up on healthy snacking options and BEVERAGES.

Bring to-go sizes of your favorite products

For example: Vital Proteins Match Collagen or 310 Nutrition Meal Replacement Shakes. I start each and EVERY day with one of 310 Nutritionsmeal replacement shakes to keep me from that horrible drive-thru temptation. If you haven’t tried them yet, use my FREE SHIPPING code: 310KARA with your purchase!

Avoid products that make you bloat

It is very important to find out what foods & drinks make you bloat… then AVOID them. As it is travel will bloat you so do what you can and make the trip that much more enjoyable.

Water Is Key!!

I mention this all the damn time, but it is always ignored. Want glowing skin? Drink Water. Want more energy? Drink Water. Water is the answer to everything… okay just about everything. lol No matter how well you plan, you will most liekly be indulging in things out of the ordinary so get on your water consumption to flush out extra sugars and salts.

Drink less caffiene

Easier said then done… I know, but you’ve gotta give it a try. I find adding more caffiene to the mix can leave me more antsy while traveling so I go for herbal teas.

Staying awhile?

If I am planning to stay at one hotel for a long period, I will have stuff shipped to the hotel. There were many, many times that I was on location for work and I knew once I got there I would be extremely busy. So I began ordering my fave products on Amazon and having them delivered to the hotel.

Just remember no one is perfect and sticking with a strict regime can get tricky when we are in new locations, so don’t beat yourself up if you slip a little. It’s a vacation, enjoy it a bit. Stressing out over a slip up will only make it worse. You’re human. Everything in moderation is the key to a successful health.

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310 Nutrition: 310KARA (FREE SHIPPING)


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