Fitness Can Be Hard When Traveling

Don’t Let Your Travel Plans Stop Your Workout Routine! Being as I am always on the road for work I have had to reinvent the typical way of staying in shape, aka the gym! Not to mention, I am not a “gym” type of person – I enjoy the more traditional approach of staying in […]

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Traveling + Fitness

So as I am sure you have already noticed, I travel… A LOT. Mainly for work, but sometimes for pleasure. This can make it tricky for staying in shape, but that doesn’t mean impossible. Take a look at a few of my top tricks for staying in shape on the road. Hotel Gyms I’m not […]

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Flat Tummy Co. || Babe On A Mission

Summer Bikini Body Prep #BabeOnAMission Several months back I started a new program to help cut the calories and get my body Summer ready! Boy am I glad I did! For my birthday, last week, we took a trip down to the Mexican Riviera where I practically lived in my bikini. I’ve never struggled with […]

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